Linksys ADSL Router with Cable Broadband: Help

  MrSheen 23:26 03 Aug 2006

I bought a Linksys ADSL (WAG54GS) router for my Mum & Dad last month when they were on Wanadoo ADSL. They've now changed to ntl and have a cable modem, but the ethernet cable is the wrong sort for the router. Is there an easy way around this without having to buy a new router?

  Tim1964 23:41 03 Aug 2006

You will need to buy an ADSL/Cable router (works on both but has no modem in it). The WAG54GS is a combined ADSL Modem/Router.

I had NTL BB with their stand alone cable modem, as opposed to using the set top box, with the Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router but now have ADSL but I am still able to use the router.

As for the cable being the wrong sort, it sounds as if you were connecting by USB and now need Ethernet (or visa versa. All routers and ethernet cables use the same standard connections.

So if you don't need wireless than any wired router will do and as it's wired they are quite cheap.

  Tim1964 23:43 03 Aug 2006

Does your Mum and Dad have more than one PC?

I ask because if not then they won't actually need a router.

  MrSheen 23:46 03 Aug 2006

Hi Tim
Forgot to mention, they have a laptop which is why I bought them the router in the 1st place. They're connected to the internet fine at the PC just need to get the laptop on the network.
The ntl modem is currently connecting to the PC via an ethernet cable, but when i try to plug this into the router from the modem, the socket in the router is for the ADSL line and not ethernet. Someone suggested that i could try plugging the ethernet into one of the other ports and the router might still recognise it?! What do you think?

  Tim1964 23:48 03 Aug 2006

Something like this


click here


click here

  Tim1964 23:55 03 Aug 2006

MrSheen, Sorrry missed your post as I was typing ...That's 2 finger typing for you. :D

The socket on the modem/router is an RJ11 or a small telephone type (what you see if you unplug a phone lead from the phone rather than the wall.

By trying to use the modem/router AND the cable modem you will have 2 modems connected together, this will not work.

If you sell the moden/router up you can at least recoup the cost of the 'new' router (with some left over).

Depending on where you bought the modem/router you may be able to swap it to the type linked above, especially if you said it was bought as a gift and the recipient has only just received it

  MrSheen 23:58 03 Aug 2006

Cool. I bought it from Currys a while ago. not sure if ive got the receipt still though. Will go in there and see if they'll change it. I've honed my complaining skills over the years so should be able to get them to exchange it! :)
Thanks again Tim

  Strawballs 00:23 06 Aug 2006

If you are going back to currys click here this is the sort of thing that you will need, or if you would prefer another linksys then ask for the WRT54G or GS if you want the speed boost but that does not really make enough difference for the extra money.

  mgmcc 08:26 06 Aug 2006

I believe PC World have their offer for the "Linksys WRT54GS with bundled USB WiFi Adapter" running again at the moment - £50.

Currys is the same group, but I don't know if you can twist their arm to give you the same deal. Worth a try!

  mgmcc 08:33 06 Aug 2006

Also, the Buffalo WYR-G54 wireless router that Tim1964 linked to is a brilliant little router and about half the size of the Linksys WRT54G/GS, which are quite bulky.

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