linksy 54g router fault (intermitent)

  chrisjohn 19:52 17 Oct 2006

ok,this unit has worked for 18 mths ok,then about a month ago started playing up.i have linksy wag54g wireless router,one pc connects via ethernet port,other two pc's are wireless.the problem is the main pc keeps saying network cable unpluged,on and off every approx 10 secs then it might be ok for a while,at the same time the two wireless connections drop out and do the same,the bt line is ok that stays lit on router.iv tried all 4 ports on router and is the same,when it drops out,the port light goes out on router,if i power router down,and crash it/re prog its ok for a bit.IS IT A FAULTY ROUTER ?

  Rigga 15:17 18 Oct 2006

I had exactly the same problem with my WAG54G.

I phoned linksys and explained the problem, and they arranged to exchange my router.

I now have a new WAG54GS router.

Which incidentally I don't use, it's still in it's sealed packaging. I purchased a new router while the old one was being returned.

So i'd say give linksys a call and see what they say.


  chrisjohn 18:36 18 Oct 2006

thanks very much.

  gippingman 19:48 18 Oct 2006

I have the wag54gs (only 6-8 weeks old) and in the lest few days have had a similar problem - mine is where the dsl light and internet light were intermittently dropping for no apprent reason as it would establish a connection again & then drop etc - I called linksys and they suggested I faxed their technical people (who presumably would have issued a replacement) - However, I used pc system restore to earlier date and so far it is ok again, but I will continue to monitor

  chrisjohn 22:07 18 Oct 2006

i have done the same,it works for a day or so then plays up again.Thanks for the reply.

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