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  pj123 13:50 09 Mar 2006

I have taken over the maintenance of a website that was built some time ago.

All I have to do is change the odd word here and there and update the price list every year.

But one thing is bugging me and I can't work out how to fix it.

On the English site the links at the top are all on one line, but on the German version the links are on two lines and have to be scrolled to get to the appropriate page. How can I change the links to be on one line only as in the English version.

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  beynac 14:05 09 Mar 2006

They both look fine to me in Firefox 1.5, but I get a scrollbar on both in IE6. Could it be that it's just the length of the words (German are longer) that gives you the difference?

  pj123 14:15 09 Mar 2006

beynac, good point, thanks. Strange though because although I get a scroll bar in the English version as well it doesn't need to be used. Maybe widening the page for the German version may do it. But if I do that would it upset the whole site? or is it best left as it is?

  DrScott 16:25 09 Mar 2006

You can usually disable the scroll bar by adding in the html scrolling="no" to the relevant frame :)

  beynac 16:45 09 Mar 2006

If you alter the number of rows in the top frame to 80, it gets rid of the scrollbar. This gives the room for what ends up as two rows - but the bullets and the words do not look very good! I think that the only way is to reduce the width of the menu. If you remove the bullets and replace them with a line "|", it gives a lot more room. (The "|" is the character above the backslash on the keyboard).

  beynac 16:48 09 Mar 2006

The top frame still needs to be a bit deeper (say 60 rows).

  pj123 12:35 10 Mar 2006

Thanks, beynac will give it a try. I have downloaded the site and made a copy to work on in case I mess it up.

  pj123 17:26 12 Mar 2006

Well, I made a complete mess of that, so I have decided to leave it as it is at the moment.

I am contacting the owner of the site to see if he can get the original site builder to make the changes.

Will tick as resolved.

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