Links to unwanted sites added to 'Internet Tools'

  Manic Hobbit 13:48 06 Jun 2004

On a routine tidy-up, I've noticed that a couple of links have been created on the internet tool bar, which I can get rid off using the 'customize' option under view --> toolbars.

The links have also been created under the Tools dropdown menu. How do I get rid of these.

I've blocked access to the sites using the Firewall on my Netgear Router, but would like to remove the 'offending' options from the list.

Any help gratefully received.

Running XP (Home), IE6

  johnnyrocker 14:02 06 Jun 2004

run spybot/adaware


  Fruit Bat 14:17 06 Jun 2004

Anti Spyware :-
Spywareblaster click here
Adaware click here
Spybot S&D click here
CW Shredder click here


  Manic Hobbit 15:18 06 Jun 2004

Installed and run the other 3, and these found and fixed a number of 'thingys'.

THe 2 rogue items still appear in the tools dropdown.

Any ideas how to get rid of them, before the missus sees them and accuses me of surfing where I haven't?

The 2 offending items are 'IQ Test...' and a word I can't type in (else the Firewall stops it)beginning with 'Ero....'

Thanks for the prompt response so far

  TrustNoone 15:19 06 Jun 2004

I have a similar problem. I have a toolbar called " Bar" in my Toolbar menu which by default loads when I launch IE6. It also hijacks my default search page and most shocking of all it forces a pornographic page through my up to date Norton AV 2004 set a "teenager" level.

Adaware from cover disc has idenitfied a few threats which I have removed. Spybot also from this months cover disc idenitifed a raft of "backweb lite" entries which I have also removed. I have also attempted to manually remove "nwiz.exe" and associated entries in my registry. There is also the matter of "iiittt class" which apparently is a ptoential trojan/worm threat but I do not know how to delete this.

Problem one which I thought would be simple: how to edit IE6 toolbar menu - help please.

Problem 2: eliminate form my system.

  TrustNoone 15:46 06 Jun 2004

I to tried the three product Fruit Bat suggested. However, Hijack This (click here) was the most helpful. "fixing" all entries referring to " Bar" has seemingly resolved the issues mentioned above.

  Graham ® 15:47 06 Jun 2004

I removed a similar item from my neighbours PC. It invoves editing the Registry. If you are happy to try that, Start, Run, type Regedit, enter. Then click File, Export. Save the Registry to the desktop in case of a problem.

Collapse the tree by clicking the - at the side of My Computer. Then ctrl + F. Type in the name of the unwanted site, click Find Next. If it is found, right click on it and select delete.

Press F3 to continue searching.

  Manic Hobbit 17:57 06 Jun 2004

Thanks for all your help.

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