Links from one wesite to another.

  smegs 00:42 15 May 2003

Has anyone had problems with links going from one website to another. If I click on a site link from one website, a window appears but nothing happens. It's the same in Outlook. If I get mail from Pcadvisor and click a link in the email, it brings up an other window but doesn't do anthing. I'm running Xp & Ie6. I have been for over a year, never had a problem like this before. Any help would B a plus. ThankU

  Djohn 00:50 15 May 2003

Not sure of the reason for this happening, but I have found this as well, just a blank page with the word "Done", bottom left of the browser.

Only happens on rare occasions, also I find that if I leave it for up to 50 or 60 seconds, the page suddenly appears. J.

  smegs 00:55 15 May 2003

Djohn. I can't even get "done" on the bottom of the page. Thanks anyway.

there was a thread about half an hour ago that linked this problem to ad-blockers, personally i think the internet weather has just been bad lately.

  powerless 07:15 15 May 2003
  VoG™ 09:00 15 May 2003

If Powerless link opens a blank window


Copy this, paste into address bar, remove the space after // and click Go.

Follow the instructions.

  smegs 09:18 15 May 2003

Thanks everyone for youre response. Vog, that website link did the JOB, Thankyou.

  powerless 21:05 15 May 2003


  VoG™ 21:09 15 May 2003

Easily done - I have in the past ;o)

  flowerylou 21:53 15 May 2003

We clicked on powerless link and it opened a blank window for me too. We then went to the website VoG suggested and followed the instructions and tried to run "regsur32 urlmon.dll" however we got another message saying this file could not be found..Have you got any suggestions how we can resolve our problem?

  VoG™ 22:01 15 May 2003

You've mis-typed it, should be

regsvr32 urlmon.dll

I suggest that you copy it from here (hold down left mouse button and drag across to highlight it then CTRL+C to copy) then go to the Run box and CTRL+V to paste.

Incidentally, Powerless link is the same as mine but, being a link, won't work if you have this problem.

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