Links not working - Windows 7

  Will 21:43 04 Aug 2010

I am new to Windows 7. When clicking on internet links the links are not connecting. I am sure it will be a setting some where but I just can't find it. Can anybody hel please. Thanks.

  northumbria61 22:41 04 Aug 2010

Which Browser are you using?

  Jayar 23:00 04 Aug 2010

I am having the same problem and would be grateful for a solution, Googling has not provided any answers that work. I am running Windows 7 32-bit with IE 8 V 8.0.7600.16385.
I have no such problems with IE 8 on my PC running Windows XP Pro SP3, so I assume it is an issue with Windows 7 rather than IE 8 per se.

  northumbria61 23:05 04 Aug 2010

A lot of people have reported issues with Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7 - I have to report that I haven't got any issues with it. However I use Mozilla Firefox as my default browser and very rarely use I.E.

Opinions vary but it does appear that it is not I.E. that is the problem but a conflict with the O.S.

  northumbria61 23:10 04 Aug 2010

There are suggestions that it may help if you lower the Security Level under Tools - Internet Options - worth a try to see if it works. Also trying it in safe mode (with networking) to see if the same problem occurs - if it doesn't run in nomal mode and disable all add-ons - then re-enable each one in turn to see if you can find the culprit.

  Jayar 12:10 05 Aug 2010

Thanks for the responses northumbria61 - I have tried disabling all add-ons, lowering the security level and also the Safe Mode, all with no improvement. I have been running Windows 7 and IE 8 on my laptop for over a year now, but this seems to have only started occurring in the past three weeks or so. It surprises me that Microsoft seem to have nothing about it on their websites as it is well reported on various other forums. I do have both IE 8 and Firefox on my PC (XP Pro SP3), but I prefer the appearance of IE, hence my interest in getting in working, rather than ditching it - for the moment at least!

  northumbria61 12:57 05 Aug 2010

"It surprises me that Microsoft seem to have nothing about it on their websites as it is well reported" - There are lots of things that Microsoft never seem to find a solution for.

I am running Windows 7 (64 bit) and I don't have a problem with links not working so it is either to do with 32 bit (which I doubt) or something in your settings. As you say there are plenty of reports of this problem but there doesn't appear to be an easy solution.

The only other thing I could suggest you try is that you go to Tools - Delete Browsing History (untick Favourites,Passwords,Form Data) and/or RESET via Tools - Internet Options - Advanced Tab - Reset Internet Explorer Settings - Reset. Also from the Tools tab - Internet Options -Programs - Make I.E. your Default Browser.

"I prefer the appearance of IE, hence my interest in getting in working, rather than ditching it - for the moment at least!" - I couldn't agree more. There's nothing worse than having something on your computer that you like but doesn't work.
However as much as I like the appearance of I.E. I also like something that works and although I don't have the problems that you are experiencing (I could use I.E.) I use Mozilla 90% of the time and recently OPERA.

My final suggestion would be to uninstall I.E. 8 and then reinstall using this method - click here

  Will 18:00 05 Aug 2010

Okay here is the fix, foud it on the microsoft social site cut and paste this into your address bar and the answer is from OnyXxl and it seems to have worked for a lot of others good luck

click here

  Jayar 09:02 06 Aug 2010

Hello again northumbria61 - I tried your susgestions without success. In the case of uninstalling IE8, it wasn't listed under "View Installed Updates", so I turned if off and then on again with the entry below "Turn Windows features on and off" with no result, except that after reloading it, on the first bootup it hung with a blank screen except for a row of capital H's donw the left hand side of the screen which gave me a small fright - a reboot fixed that. I am not sure if "uninstallation" involves turning the present installation off and then installing a new version as a separate programme. Any ideas will be appreciated.
One thought I had - it couldn't be tied up with Silverlight, could it? I know very little about Silverlight, but I see it listed in the Installed updates.

Thanks Will - I had alrady tried this link, but it didn't work for me. It starts to run, but comes with a line "Error:Access is denied" immediately after the line "Correcting bugs in the registry" even though I am running it as Administrator.

Back to the drawing board for me unfortunately, but thanks to you both anyway.

  Jayar 14:57 06 Aug 2010

Hi northumbria61,

After trying everything I could locate on various websites and still the same problem, I decided to have a look at Opera, and although it is early days, I already like it a lot better than Firefox, and will probably install it on my PC and uninstall Firefox.

I decided to turn IE 8 off in the Control Panel, with a view to downloading either IE7 or a fresh version of IE8, but that didn't work either, as for some reason even with IE8, it told me that it was incompatible with my OS, not sure if there is a way around that. So I shall continue with Opera now, and wait to see if Microsoft eventually produce a solution to this obviously widespread problem. Thanks again for your help.

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