flyingbrit 16:53 16 Dec 2005

I'm at work at the moment so I'm not sure if it's been disabled on this pc. But when I try to open a link in a thread nothing happens, however when I'm in any of the forums or obviously starting a new thread, all the links function fine. Are they working for everyone else, or is it my end that's duff?

  Thalmus 16:54 16 Dec 2005

ok at my work computer

  VoG II 16:55 16 Dec 2005

click here

http:// without the space after //

  flyingbrit 16:57 16 Dec 2005

No that link doesn't work either......Thalmus it must be this pc......damn those administrators to hell!!!!

  VoG II 16:58 16 Dec 2005

Type in the address bar


but without the space after //

  Thalmus 16:58 16 Dec 2005

you got a problem with administrators.........?

  Thalmus 17:01 16 Dec 2005

We are thy lord and thy master!

  flyingbrit 17:04 16 Dec 2005

no that don't work ie throws up a restricted site message(another admin pain!)

  flyingbrit 17:05 16 Dec 2005

NO you only think you are!!!!!!ROFL

  flyingbrit 17:07 16 Dec 2005

Ours it a pain in the arse savener(from the south) from watford

  Thalmus 17:12 16 Dec 2005


locate flyingbrits mailbox......... <delete>

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