linking two separate web pages coding

  Splodge 11:15 26 Sep 2006

Good morning all

I have a temporary web site on line but I would like to place a link on it so that a click will go to the other web page!

The one on line is Index and I want to change the other one to Index1. All the appropriate Gifs etc are already loaded.

I thought the coding on Index was:
A HREF="#title01"> font color=#ff0000> font size="+2"> click here /font> /font> /A>
but have become a little confused about what I put on Index1.

Can anyone advise please.

With thanks

  Eric10 11:57 26 Sep 2006

The code you have just takes you to a named part on the same page (#title01). Just replace that with the page you want to load (<a href="index1.htm">)

  Splodge 12:31 26 Sep 2006

Thanks Eric,

I have corrected it!

But, you should see what you have conspired to do. LOL

click here

They are still hiding their heads in the sand when a simple apology and not the £5.32 would be enough to take the site off.

At 76 I have all day to amuse myself, and I am just as stubborn as they are.

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