Linking spreadsheets

  User-B218DECB-DAEC-4694-BA0276B1303C6FE2 11:16 05 Feb 2008

I am trying to link to spreadsheets together. I have made one then saved a copy of it, therefore making them identical. Now i want to be able to edit one so it will then automatically update the copy. At the moment nothing is happening if i change the master copy. I am working with Excel 2007.

  xania 11:25 05 Feb 2008

You will need to link the, spreadsheets, columns or rows or indivdual cells using <Paste Special> <Paste Link>. If you link spreadshets, I don't think you can ever add anything; if you link columns, you may not be able to add additional rows; if you link rows, you may not be able to add additional columns

  rossgolf 16:05 05 Feb 2008

try using a briefcase
put the master copy inside and then when you edit the master you can press "update" in the briefcase and it will copy any changes you have made to the slave copy

Can you tell me about this briefcase, how is it setup and used ? it sounds just what i need !

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