linking speaker system to PC

  alilouise 13:06 07 Feb 2006


I wish to link up to my PC a surround speaker system for PC's which I have, its a system with a controller and 6 small speakers and also the main house stereo speakers.

From the surround system I have two analog inputs (jack leads) and from the house stereo I have one input also a jack lead.

The problem I have is the sound card in the pc only take one jack.

Is there a lead which can put all three jacks into the one socket in the sound card.

If so what do I call this? Is it safe to put all this into the one socket in my sound card? I won't overload it will I?

Dont know what I'm doing so wanted to check with you guys before going out to the shops to get a lead!!! thanks!


  Ollyolly 13:11 07 Feb 2006

My guess is that your sound card will require replacing.
From my experience you will need a sound card capable of producing 5.1 or 6.1 sound and that it is likely to have three sockets at the rear.
Sound cards do come in a variety of prices, it is possible to get away without spending a lot. I suppose a lot depends on the quality of sound you are expecting from your system.
Hope that helps a little.

  alilouise 13:21 07 Feb 2006

There are three sockets at the back of my sound card but only one seems to respond when I plug anything in.

There is no writing against each socket so I dont know what they are. They are just different colours, one red, green and blue.

The one in the middle which is green works when I plug the stereo speakers in.

The soundcard (I think) is a Gamesurround Fortissimo II. I dont know if that helps anyone?

How can I check if our soundcard is suitable?

  Stuartli 13:35 07 Feb 2006

The Fortissimo is a Hercules sound card using C-Media's excellent sound chipsets and the main version I recall was the first 7.1 card to reach the market. See:

click here

This is your version from the description you provide:

click here

  alilouise 18:27 07 Feb 2006

Oh ok, so my soundcard should cope with running the PC surround speaker system as well as the house stereo then.

Can you get an adapter lead which will run 3 jacks to one?

  Stuartli 18:34 07 Feb 2006

I think you would have to use the Line In socket for the rear speakers but as for the house stereo........

I can't see one socket in any way handling several inputs.

Try the manual if you have one.

  Stuartli 18:34 07 Feb 2006

Should be Line In/Out socket.

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