Linking settings in Firefox and IE

  newearwax 08:15 27 Jul 2005

I have started using Firefoc as my default browser with IE6 as reserve. How can I arrnage that history retention, temporary intenet files and cookie poicy will always be the same, preferebly set by Firefox?

  octal 12:46 27 Jul 2005

It can't be done, that's the whole point the two don't talk to each other thank goodness. The only thing you can share are the Bookmarks/Favorites and that has to be done manually.

Being as Firefox is open source, in other words you can see the code that makes it tick, not so with Internet Explorer, so therefore you can't even write a script for it to be done.

  Stuartli 14:07 27 Jul 2005

You can, of course, import IE settings into Firefox via FF's File>Import.

So if you have any in IE you want to swap over...:-)

  newearwax 14:36 27 Jul 2005

Both thanks for replies; I've already impprted the favs etc from IE.

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