Linking pc speakers to set-top freeview box

  new-b 08:32 18 Mar 2009


With regard audioengine speakers which have their own amp built in, can I just connect to our freeview box ? What connection will I need and more importantly, how do they get their power supply..through a plug in mains, or are they usually driven through power from the PC...

..probably been asked before, but couldnt find answer to 'power' question here.

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  new-b 15:26 20 Mar 2009 I failing to add info?

Is it too tricky or too easy for a reply...?!

  natdoor 19:07 20 Mar 2009

Having looked on google, Audioengine 2 and 5 both have mains input so are independent from ant audio source for power. They also have RCA and mini-jack inputs. I imagine that a Freeview STB will have RCA outputs.

For example,

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