linking pc to laptop

  preo_666 12:41 09 Apr 2007

Hi everyone, problem is this. i have my pc in the garage but my laptop upstairs in the house. i want to be able to see whats on the pc screen and be able to open folders from the pc but using the laptop. the pc is mainly for storage uses. so say if ive got this page on my pc i want to be able to go to the laptop and it be there aswell without messing about. how? thank you

  robbiepaul79 13:35 09 Apr 2007

Am i correct in saying you want to be able to access files that are on your PC from your laptop?

This could easily be done using a small home wireless network. If you dont plan to use the PC at all and it is only acting like a server this would be the easiest solution i think.

click here

click here

These links should provide some basic info have a look and see what you think.

  jsimpson001 14:19 09 Apr 2007


It sounds like you mean Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) on the PC if you right click My Computer > Properties, then go to the remote tab (assuming it is XP Pro) then enable Remote Desktop. You can then (on the laptop) goto start, run and type 'mstsc' click OK and type the NETBIOS name (computer name) of the PC and click connect. This will allow you to work on the PC as if you were sat in front of it, but from the laptop.

Depending on how you are setup (eg. wireless etc) you may have some problems but please post back here if you have any questions.


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