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  NotVeryTechie 14:55 13 Aug 2008

Hi, I hope I can explain my query in an understandable way. We have a large and very complex database that is used for marketing, bookings and administration, including client contact. We also have a website from which we receive requests for information, bookings (we provide training), purchases, etc. It would obviously make more sense to link the two. Problem is that we don't want to hand control of the website to the database company. Is it possible to create a 'secondary' website that links the main website with the database? Does that make sense?

  Kemistri 16:57 13 Aug 2008

I'm going to have to start this post by recommending that you consult a professional who specialises in MySQL. You have been forewarned.

It is possible to configure the PHP on one server to access a database on another server, as long as the necessary permissions to allow remote connections are in place on the second server. So this should not be a case of handing off control of your website, but gaining some more control of the database from this mysterious third party.

For the sake of accurately answering your questions as phrased, I will point out that it is possible to deliver content from one website through another, but I also have to point out that this is neither a good idea nor a good solution to your situation, for numerous reasons.

  NotVeryTechie 09:08 19 Aug 2008

Thank you for the reply! I do need a bit more amunition to use in my argument with the database supplier. Can you suggest a good place for me to do some reading (fairly non-technical would be good).

Thanks again

  HighTower 18:23 26 Aug 2008

Why not copy the database and set it up on a testing server. If its broken by anyone during development it won't matter.

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