link to another page but NOT in new window

  mco 20:31 06 Sep 2005

I want to create a link in the middle of a sentence - you know, " click HERE to read about...etc..." . My WYSIWYG web program enables me to do this by highlighting the word,eg, HERE then typing in the link I want. But it automatically opens it in a new window and, as I want to link to another page on my site, I don't want that. I can't see a way round this other than trying it in html - so could anyone give me the code for a hyperlink that replaces the original window? I know it starts a href...then I'm not sure. Also, where in the code do I type the HERE(or whichever word I want viewers to click on)?

  mco 20:33 06 Sep 2005

btw - my program does let me add links without opening a new window, but they have to be put in a separate 'block' on the page, rather than within a sentence I am typing. It doesn't look as neat their way.

  Eric10 21:49 06 Sep 2005

If you look at the code for ther link that your WYSIWYG program has created you will see that it says something like 'click <a href="page-to-open.htm" target="_blank">HERE</a> to read about...'. The target="_blank" part is what tells it to open in a new window. Just change it to target="_self" to open in the same window.

Having said that, I will be surprised if your program doesn't have an option to set the target when you create the link as it is a fundamental requirement.

  PurplePenny 21:49 06 Sep 2005

I'm sure that it must be possible to tell your software that you don't want it to open in a new window. What are you using?

If you can view/edit the HTML that your software is creating delete target=_blank.

To put it in yourself this is the code (with the opening "<" and closing ">" missing to stop the forum doing things with it):
a href="newpage.html">This will take you to the new page</a

Just put the opening tag (the a href bit) and the closing tag (the /a bit) around whatever text you want to be your link. It can be in the middle of a sentence. Don't use just "click here": the text of the link should still make sense when separated from the rest of the sentence.

  PurplePenny 21:50 06 Sep 2005


  mco 23:33 06 Sep 2005

will have a go tomorrow thanks!

  mco 00:07 07 Sep 2005

that's done it thanks! It actually set _new, not _ blank ,though I presume it amounted to the same. Changing it to_self did the trick.

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