lines and things in OE messages? needed?

  p;3 14:20 14 Aug 2005

Win 98se IE6 and now using Outlook Express for mail client (wow says F.E.!);my mail in OE seems to get either


or :

down the left hand side ; I use plain text

are these markers ESSENTIAL for the message or can they really be dispensed with?

I have been sending myself test messages(self-spamming ...wot a thought!!)and really can only see these things cluttering up the message and making more bulk to things DO I really NEED them? yes; I do know how and where to adjust this but are these things vital for the message?

  ACOLYTE 14:26 14 Aug 2005

I am not really sure i understand the question,lol
but you dont need those markers in the email unless you like them )).
The >> markers usually show when you forward an email to someone but you can delete them befroe you send it if you like,it wont affect the email.

  p;3 14:33 14 Aug 2005

the posting has not come out quite the way I typed it

the >>
or 1
appear down the left hand side of the message;can I dispense with them or are they vital for the message to send correctly?
they really make the message far too long and bulky and I do not understand why they need ot be there; or do they?

  p;3 14:35 14 Aug 2005

(and even that posting did not come out the way I had typed it:(( )

  ACOLYTE 15:06 14 Aug 2005

I would say no they dont need to be there for the massage to send, the >>>>>

marks i usualy get when i have recieved a fowarded email or i have fowarded one,they are not there to start with.

  GaT7 15:08 14 Aug 2005

As ACOLYTE said they are not needed. I use this free program to clean them - eCleaner click here. It will also clean any HTML in an email. G

  p;3 15:17 14 Aug 2005

they are never there to start with but appear on all the return things;and depends on who has sent me a mail as to whether they are lines or chevons or..
I can switch them off if they have no purpose in the mails apart from to annoy me:)

  VoG II 15:19 14 Aug 2005

They are just a way of keeping track of 'conversations' when e-mails are sent back and forth.

They are not necessary.

  timothywilliam 15:28 14 Aug 2005

I get them too, especially when someone has forwarded a message to me. I either delete them if I send the message on again or if I am in lazy mode just ignore them They do not make any difference and I never understand why they are there and they DO irritate don't they !

  p;3 20:26 16 Aug 2005

I have now switched them off in my machine; so far so good:)
Timothy, do you know how to switch them off if you wish to?

  p;3 22:03 16 Aug 2005

this is very novel ;having swithced off the lines and chevrons; I am now not getting the bit at the end of the mail message telling me and others that it has been scanned by AVG; I have checke dthat the scanner is fully functional;
and in Mailwasher I am now being told that there is no attachment, whereas before the scanner statement was being seen AS an attachement presumably as was the chevrons catching its attention;)

clues anyone?

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