Lines across prints??

  DWANE PYPE 15:55 20 Jul 2003

When printing, I?m getting horizontal lines across the whole of the page on all the various papers that I use, but on the photo glossy paper, it is vertical as well, the gaps between the lines are 1mm wide horizontal, and about 10mm vertical on the glossy, and on the others, some times 1mm or 3mm, no vertical lines. Have tried printing at different settings, i:e draft, normal, best. Light, medium ink, (not heavy, because it does lay it on heavy.) to no avail, it doesn?t occur on black & white printing.

O.S 98me. Printer: H.P 940c Manufacturer?s original colour cartridge, refilled twice, by local cartridge shop.

Any help, as all ways, greatly appreciated.

  Steven135 15:57 20 Jul 2003

Hve you tried cleaning the print heads?

  DieSse 16:06 20 Jul 2003

Buy a new, original cartridge - refilling HP cartridges is always a dodgy business, especially for the second time. They're designed to be used once only then thrown away, or the printhead has a tendancy to get blocked up.

The thermal technology that HP use, leaves behind minute deposits, which eventually block the nozzles.

  Filch 16:20 20 Jul 2003

As dieSee said, use new original cartridges. I use HP printers and have found all sorts of problems with non-HP cartridges and refills.

Also, check your resolution. It must be a number without a decimal, such as 345 and not 345.78 or such. The printer doesn't know how to handle a decimal (at least HP) and will put lines on the print.

  woodchip 16:51 20 Jul 2003

If you spend some money on new cartridge in staid of trying to save all the time you should get it to print right. The problem is called Banding

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