Lineone/Tiscali e-mail problem

  Border View 15:18 14 Dec 2004

Run Windows 98SE, IE 6 and OE6. AVG Antivirus and Zone Alarm.

For about four years I was on Dial up with Lineone/Tiscali, using Surftime and used my e-mail address with them.

In October I changed my account to Pay as you Go because I started using Pipex broadband and have an e-mail address with them.

For a while, until this morning, I used Incredimail to send and retrieve my lineone e-mails. Used Outlook Express for my Pipex account. Suddenly lineone e-mails get bounced and am told that unable to send because am not authorised.

I decided I'm a bit tired of Incredimail anyway so have uninstalled. Problem is the only way I can now access my lineone e-mail account is via their web site, which is a bit of a pain.

Can anyone please advise why things should have changed and what I should do now.

  Border View 16:18 14 Dec 2004


  dth 17:13 14 Dec 2004

You should be able to receive emails OK from your LineOne account but not send when you are connected to the internet via your adsl connection. This is pretty standard measure (that all ISPs use) to prevent spam abuse. Why not simply use a current email address for all outgoing emails?

I am in a similiar position to you as I have an ADSL account with BT but still use my old LineOne email address.

  Eric10 17:23 14 Dec 2004

I have a Tiscali 'Pay as you Go' account and also Pipex Broadband. I had a problem where I could receive emails from my Tiscali address but couldn't reply to them. The way round this was to change the SMTP server for the Tiscali account to that of the Pipex account (

Unfortunately for dth I don't think that BT use a SMTP server so this option may not be available to him.

  Border View 19:03 14 Dec 2004

Many thanks for responding. Will give it a go Eric10

  Border View 19:22 14 Dec 2004

Wonder if this could be anything to do with AVG

  Border View 19:40 14 Dec 2004

Eric10 - it worked.

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