Lineone inbox full.

  ruskle 11:16 15 Oct 2010

I have a Lineone account which is now Tiscali/Talk Talk and the mailbox is full and won't even let me look at it. I have deleted a lot of mail in Windows mail but that doesn't delete the mail in the website. How can I delete mail when I can't even access it? The help files mentions going into command prompt and putting in and then following on their instructions but when I type the above it says it is not a recognized command prompt.The command prompt is followed by USERS and my name but I can't shift it.
Please help as I need to be able to use my email and have been stuck like this for three days.


  mgmcc 11:32 15 Oct 2010

Log in to their web-based service from click here and use that to delete your old emails.

Once you have done that and can again access your mail with "Windows Mail", go into the Account settings and make sure you don't have the box ticked to "Leave a copy of messages on server". Should you actually need to leave messages on the server, so that you can retrieve them again with another computer, set the number of days for them to remain before deletion.

Leaving messages on the server will (a) eventually use up your allocation, as you've discovered, and (b) make retrieval of messages increasingly slow as your mail program has to scan the entire list of headers to determine which are the "new" messages before downloading them.

  ruskle 13:51 15 Oct 2010

Thanks for the advice mgmcc, I have already done that but the web site email section tells me that my box is 100% full and when I click on it nothing happens. The help file tells me to comand prompt as I mentioed above but that advice has me baffled.

My Tiscali email is OK but I don't make much use of it and most people have know my lineone email for years.

Any more help, please.


  ruskle 19:56 17 Oct 2010

Still no joy tring to get at the emails to delete them,
I did have the box un-ticked which said "leave a copy of your messages on the server" and usually when I look into the website there are only one or two on. I looked a couple of days before it stopped letting me read my Lineone mail and there were none in there. Tiscali email address is working fine when I test it.

Anymore help please.


  GaT7 20:07 17 Oct 2010

There have been all sorts of problems with the Lineone/Tiscal/TT emailing system for a few months now, & especially since they moved everyone to a newer system.

I think you will have to wait till it gets sorted out. You can also contact their support about it, but most users are getting scripted email responses.

More info: click here & click here. Related PCA forum threads: click here & click here. G

  ruskle 19:54 18 Oct 2010

Thanks Crossbow.
I will have to wait a little longer and use the Tiscali email address, that's Ok, it's just Lineone that is pear shaped.

If I don't get any replies from Talk Talk/ Tiscali or whatever they are now I will have to think about packing up with them. I have sent about five messages to them and explained that I need a reply via my Tiscali address as I can't access Lineone.

I have been with Lineone since they first started and I was on Compuserve and this is the first time I have had a complaint to make.


  justme 20:57 18 Oct 2010

Don't give up. Keep trying to log in to your mailbox and eventually you will get in.

The bit about your mailbox being full is not true and seems to be a problem with their new system.

I usually get logged in by the third or fourth attempt and then find that my mailbox is empty which makes a nice change from all the spam which used to appear in that particular address.

  ruskle 19:28 21 Oct 2010

I have been trying many times a day for six days and still no joy. I have still had no reply from Talk Talk even though I have sent numerous messages.
I have now got a price for all calls day night and weekend, line rental and 7mb download with 10Gb limit from BT and it is going to save me £1.45 a month. If I get through to Talk Talk by landline and they can't sort it the MAC is the next thing I will request.

If I am going to have to notify all my contacts of my other Tiscali address I may as well tell them my BT address instead.


  ruskle 20:23 21 Oct 2010

I spoke to very pleasant lady at Talk Talk and told her I wanted my MAC, when I told her why she said she would put me through to the technical staff first.
They told me that all will be resolved by the 25th of this month, back to the first lady who gave me a free months service (or not if it still doesn't work)and I agreed to wait.

Next question to the PC Advisor forum is this.
My Lineone account was originally set up as Dial up service and the broadband was a different email and account. I log onto Lineone through the broadband service and wonder if I do change providers and cancel the Tiscali broadband would I be able to access Lineone (if it ever works) through my new broadband provider


  GaT7 20:33 21 Oct 2010

I joined Tiscali for dial-up originally, & have been a PAYG dial-up customer only for several years. I stopped using dial-up at least 3-4 years ago, but I've continued to use their email for free ever since. Note that I do NOT get my broadband via them either (I'm with O2 for BB). It may be similar with Lineone.

Btw, if you take up the BT offer, I would suggest getting some free cashback as well to reduce your annual bill even further.

Most details can be found in my post in this thread click here. BT Broadband + Calls will net you £80 via Topcashback (TCB) click here - that's an annual saving of at least £6.50 per month. Don't forget to register, log in & use their (TCB's) link to be eligible. And do it when you're ready to sign-up in the same visit. G

  ruskle 19:06 22 Oct 2010

Thanks for the advice Crossbow7, I will have a look at the web site and see how it works out.

I am going to give Talk Talk until the 25th and if they have not got my Lineone mail working again i will be onto your link again and getting a MAC from Talk Talk.


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