Line stats

  jellyhead 22:55 05 Feb 2008

ok I got some line stats, don't know if they are good or bad, if some one could explain that would be great.
speed up 1152 down 288
line attenuation up 53db down 31.5db
noise margin 14.1db down 25db
I'm on 2meg broadband and about 2.7km from exchange, hoping to try and improve things if possible.
Many thanks

  MAT ALAN 22:58 05 Feb 2008

one test doesn't really amount to much in giving you a fair idea of your average line speed, try at different times of the day with different progs, you will be surprised at the results...

  brundle 23:11 05 Feb 2008

Very informative site for this kind of thing; click here

  MAT ALAN 23:13 05 Feb 2008

click here

used this a couple of times...

  chrisjohn 23:19 05 Feb 2008

ok jellyhead which provider do you use

  chrisjohn 23:21 05 Feb 2008

from the stats,noise margin u should be able to get between 12 and 14mb

  chrisjohn 23:21 05 Feb 2008

sorry the line attenuation

  jellyhead 23:25 05 Feb 2008

my isp is aol,but I believe they have been switching servers as it is now CPW that was about 3 weeks ago

  jellyhead 23:26 05 Feb 2008

that site has cleared some of the fog

  jellyhead 23:29 05 Feb 2008

got speeds of 924 and 240 on that site

  Grey Goo 23:31 05 Feb 2008

Some light reading
click here

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