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  Lindburgh 15:38 03 Sep 2007

Before I commence posting my tips etc. I felt a small explanation as to why they came about.

My collection of Tips etc. has been acquired over many years starting with a cassette driven Commodore Pet in the early 70’s, right through to XP Pro.

The Tips etc .have been acquired through my own efforts in solving my own problems, and noting the comments of others in conversation, and in Magazines, etc.
They were a collection of hastily written notes on scarps of paper, torn out pieces of paper from articles in magazines, and news articles contained in an old Shoebox.

The compiling of the Tips etc., and the rewriting of them into legible pieces of help, is not just for the buffs, but it is mainly for the every day person who struggles with the complexities of this modern day Wizardry.

Just stop for a minute, and ruminate that this is composed of positives and negatives
changed into values of 0(Zero) and 1(One), That is all..

The Games, the Pictures ,the Books, etc., everything from controlling a camera to flying a Spacecraft, or even toasting a slice of bread, and what would you do without your Microwave for example.
I find it mind blowing

I am posting these tips etc. for all to freely use, they are extracts from my CD,s

However, my Lawyers insists that I state :-
Lindburgh does not accept any responsibility for the implementation of these tips.
The information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from infringement.
The user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of these tips
If subsequent damage is incurred by the correct , or incorrect usage of these tips, it is the responsibility of the users, and not Lindburgh’s

Sorry about the above but in the current climate one has to take precautions.

Enjoy the postings, I will endeavour with the approval of the Administrators to keep them coming for I have in total more than 1,500 of them.

  Lindburgh 15:40 03 Sep 2007

ActiveX control this can be downloaded twice

On occasions when you visit a web site containing an Active X control with IE SP2, the control downloads twice this is because of the way the Active X auto-blocking feature works.
Microsoft have a detailed page on this problem in article KB article 922659

It commences as follows:-

An ActiveX control may be downloaded two times when you visit a Web page that includes the control in Internet Explorer 6
View products that this article applies to.
Article ID : 922659
Last Review : July 17, 2006
Revision : 1.0
Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) add a new feature to Microsoft Internet Explorer 6: the information bar. The information bar is a gold bar that appears just under the address bar. The information bar provides information about downloads, blocked pop-up windows, potential security risks, and other activities

Etc. etc.

Here is the Link :-

click here

  Lindburgh 15:41 03 Sep 2007

Alt + Click What are those ?

Have you heard of Alt Clicks?

No well eyes down and listen in

If you place your cursor on any word ( No need to highlight ),
Then hold down Alt and left click

What happens is that you go straight into references and that describes as you are already aware the meanings of the word.

Neat ?


  Lindburgh 15:43 03 Sep 2007

Auto Correct Sophistication

One of the potential annoying factors with Auto-correct as you type facility is that it adds the correct word but follows the line of the format being used in the document.

I for one like certain corrections to be in italics or a different Font or Colour.

If I can show you how to set that up would you be interested ? If so read on.

Let us take my preference for email .
I like it to have a hyphen in-between, and to have capital letters at the commencement of each word, be coloured blue, and in Italics as per example:-

So this is how to set it up:-

First type the word in the format and colour etc. which you prefer.
Next Highlight it.
Go to :-
Tools > Auto correct options

A window opens displaying boxes where you type your text and in the Replace text as you type With box there is displayed your preferred style.
That the radio button above the text is in the Formatted Text area
Now in the Replace box type email .

As an aside to type the last word above presented me with difficulties due to my
Auto correct settings, never mind I finally succeeded.

  Lindburgh 15:44 03 Sep 2007

Bios Beeps Explanation of

When I come across a super site I am only to happy to pass it on.

This happened the other day this guy Casey Luttrull, a 26-year-old IT manager as put together a list of Beeps, and posted it in PDF , and all you have to do is print it and fold it, and for ever it sits on your desk.

What could be greater than that ?
Find it at :-
click here
below is an illustration of.

  Lindburgh 15:45 03 Sep 2007

Cache Explanation of

Probably the best explanation that can be given about Cache files is that they are primarily used to store information on a temporary basis for quick access and easy .

These files can be located anywhere, for example your Hard Drive, RAM, etc.
Their prime reason is to store information which the computer is going to require at a later time.
Consequently by allowing the computer easier access to this information the computer works faster.
As clear as mud when someone explains it isn’t it ?

  Lindburgh 15:46 03 Sep 2007

Capitalize the automatic one turn it off

Maybe like so many of us you to get frustrated that when word comes to the end of the line it capitalizes the first letter.
Then you have to go back and amend it.
Well not anymore you don’t
Go to :-
Tools > AutoCorrect
Scroll down to "Capitalize first letter of sentences."
Remove the Tick/Check in the box
That’s it

  Lindburgh 15:47 03 Sep 2007

Captcha Test Explanation of
This odd sounding name ( Then there are many odd sounding names in the Computer world ), stands for :-
Completely Automated Public Turing [test to tell] Computers and Humans Apart.

You will have visited Web sites, where you have to type in a series of letters and numbers in order to continue
That is a CAPTCHA test.
When you look at it the code is more than a little distorted at the best of times.
They are mainly used for security, especially on Web sites that require you to enter in your personal information.
The sad thing is that hackers use what are called bots to attack users.
These bots are generated by computers, and in reality computers are unable to solve the CAPTCHA tests.
Fortunately only humans can type in the right code and continue on, so that really helps in keeping people safe.

Example of a Captcha

  Lindburgh 15:48 03 Sep 2007

CD and DVD Disc Space
The storage space on the CD can vary dependant upon the size which you buy
21, 74, 80, 90 , and 99 minutes long.

The most popular one by far, is the 80 minute CD.
This gives approximately 700 MB of open space
Upon which you could get up to 20 songs dependent upon the size of the individual tracks.

DVD’s can hold up to 4.4 GB of data, however, be more than a little suspicious of the marketing splurge.

So if 700 MB equals 80 mins. That in theory could mean 8 hours

Now why do I save Caveat Emptor ?

  Lindburgh 15:49 03 Sep 2007

Clean up all the garbage with CCleaner

Over time there collects in our computers masses of garbage left over from programs , internet browsing , etc..

This valuable space needs clearing, and a spin off is the computer works faster.
To manually scan all the entries in your computer is asking to much, however, fortunately there is a free program called CCleaner, which you can download here:-
click here

CCleaner is a program that optimizes your computer by removing various kinds of garbage system files, for example temporary files, old registry entries, invalid shortcuts, etc. etc..
You can also clean out the unnecessary Cookies , however it does allow you to select the cookies which you wish to keep in order to avoid having to log on to your favourite sites , that would be a pain.
When you click the cookies button it throws up a double screen which has the cookies to delete on the left and Cookies to keep on the right.
All you have to do is highlight the ones to keep and press the arrow in between the boxes. That is it CClean remembers the ones to keep and only deletes the superfluous ones
When you open CCLeanyou get a screen which allows you to select which you want to clean ( See the graphic below )

You can also select the Applications tab, to view some of your installed software. Browse the list to see if there's anything you don't approve of

Next, click the Analyze button and the progress bar will then begin.
When it has finished, you'll see how much junk information can be removed on the right pane.

When satisfied just click Run CCleaner.
You can also clean up your Registry with Issues click Scan for Issues.
A nice point is that it does recommend that you back up your registry.

To fix all the issues, select Fix All Selected Issues and then click Close.

And in Tools, you can also uninstall programs from CCleaner.

When you have run CCleaner Analyse again and see the difference

And if you look again at Cookies you will see a blank left pane and all your saved ones in the right-hand pane

I am confident that you will enjoy this freebie.

  Lindburgh 15:50 03 Sep 2007

Clear Type Read the screen easier

When you are reading the text on the screen do you wish it was plainer?, or easier to read ?
Well you can download from Microsoft at this Link :-
Clear Type Wizard
A wizard that allows you to select your preferences
Click on the ClearType Tuner PowerToy ( This in on the right-hand side of the page ) to download
When it is downloaded, click on Setup and let Windows install it automatically for you.
Then place a tick/check in the “Launch the program” box before you finish.
There are two tabs at the top:_
Introduction and Advanced.
The advanced allows you to view how your preferred text would look
Ensure the box Turn on Clear Type is selected.
Then click on Start Wizard to walk you through the rest of the process.
Below is a graphic and on this page you choose the example which you prefer

Then a further window opens with a choice of six examples for you to select one.

Going back to the advanced tab you will see you have four actions you may like to take and those are:
Enable Font Smoothing :-
Use this to get rid of the jagged edges on fonts.
Apply all the settings to the defaults for new users or a new system :–
Basically this enables you to keep these changes for everyone who uses the computer and for any messages that Windows gives you?
Set Sample Font :-
Already explained
Clear Type Contrast Settings: -
Anything you want between dark and light can be set here. Play with the slide until you have the "perfect" display for yourself.
Now that’s better isn’t it ?

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