Lincolnshire/East Coast lightning alert

  Graham. 08:33 13 Sep 2006
  Graham. 08:34 13 Sep 2006
  ed-0 09:11 13 Sep 2006

Nothing showing here, just west of grimsby, yet.

But I am going out all day, so will close down router and co.

thanks for the warning.

  Graham. 09:16 13 Sep 2006

It's moving out to sea now.

  hssutton 17:20 13 Sep 2006

I'm on the East Coast a few miles south of Grimsby, and it's been the most beautiful day, have been in the garden all day

  ed-0 17:36 13 Sep 2006

We had quiet threating low black clouds till around 10.30. It was the same as I drove to Scunthorpe for the day. So I was pleased I turned off the router, just in case.

After 11.30 the sun came out and it is now glorious.

  bluto1 19:23 13 Sep 2006

We`ve had spots of rain, no threats, otherwise a nice day. 12 miles NNW Boston

  Graham. 19:32 13 Sep 2006

Gathering in the South-East now.

  Graham. 22:10 13 Sep 2006

East Anglia taking a hit.

  Graham. 22:36 13 Sep 2006

Forecast to spread north overnight, so keep your tackle unplugged, if you'll pardon the expression.

  woodchip 22:39 13 Sep 2006

It's also coming back to the East Cost if you check the one I posted so as you say. Safe not Sorry

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