Limiting user privileges XP

  Camille 22:48 03 Feb 2004

This is related to my previous post - I am the administrator and my kids have limited accounts. I thought this would stop them from downloading apps (had a BIG problem with previous pc after they downloaded kazaa)

However, it's now clear that they HAVE been able to download apps

Can i stop them doing this without my permission?

  VoG II 22:55 03 Feb 2004

Link to earlier post click here (please tick as resolved).

This is Windows XP presumably?

There are other ways than software. My daughter wanted KaZaa - I absolutely forbade her and backed this up by showing her "misery" threads on this forum. It worked.

  Camille 23:12 03 Feb 2004

Thanks for both your posts - sorry to have duplicated. Yes, this is XP.
I can't seem to get it through to my daughter that you need to be careful - no amount of explanation or argument seems to overide her desire for free music etc.
Our last pc is languishing in the spare room - only booting in safe mode despite spending large amounts of cash sending it for repair. I'm worried that her meddling around will have similar results with this new pc and I would like to not have to worry about what she's doing all the time

  VoG II 23:24 03 Feb 2004

If you have a firewall (IMHO you should) then you can block access to Port 1214 (I think that's it - others can confirm).

Of course it is XP - in the title!

  Jarvo 23:25 03 Feb 2004

Try the good old

"if you can not act as a responsable user then I will change your login passwords and you will only be able to use the comp in my presence"

A bit harsh but bet you only have to do it once :-)

  powerless 23:33 03 Feb 2004

You can restrict login times.

  Camille 23:49 03 Feb 2004

Clearly you haven't met my 15 yr old daughter - imposing login times and having her online in MY presence is possibly an even more stressful idea than having her download every virus and trojan going.
I guess from your postings that there's not a lot else I can do...

I'll mark this as resolved - with reluctance

  cycoze 23:55 03 Feb 2004

In IE6 , click on tools>internet options>security , look for the customize button and click that , from here you can stop downloads of files , activex etc.

  DAG88 23:57 03 Feb 2004

put an internet filter on that blocks the sites she downloads from

  DAG88 23:58 03 Feb 2004

cycozes idea is much better. It wasnt posted when i read the thread

  Camille 00:06 04 Feb 2004

I've put a stop on downloads - if I stop all activex (not just the unsigned activex) will that impact on ordinary browsing?

thanks for the advice btw - I don't know how I'd cope without this site :)

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