Limiting other PC on my network. Any methods?

  BeForU 01:44 11 Apr 2004

Hello. I currently have two computers, one owned by me and one owned by my sister and they are both networked via ADSL/Router in my room & both have Windows XP Professional installed.

What I would like to know, is there anyway to limit things on my sister's computer. Things like stopping her from downloading P2P programs since she seems to always download files which I really do not like due to possible virus attacks and of cause copyright reasons i.e. things like MP3's/movies. I already have installed a firewall (Zonealarm), antivirus (Norton 2004) and spyware removal tools (Adaware & SpwareBlaster) on her computer to keep it safe in case things go wrong.

But what I would like to do as well is to stop her from using any sort of P2P programs & possibly limit download speeds on her computer. I get really frustrated when she starts using these programs and downloading, that I tell her to uninstall them or I do it myself. I also tell her the dangers and things that might happen if she continues using them. But she still does anyways. Because shes a girl (*not implying to all girls, just my sister*) and doesnt know alot about computers, she just goes on and do whatever and this really ticks me off.

Whenever she is using her computer and I am on mine, I occasionally go into her computer via My Network Places and check for things on her hard drive and try to delete them. Ok so I may invade her privacy on her computer, but this is for a good cause. I get so frustrated sometimes that I disconnect her computer on my ADSL Router by taking the LAN cable out and just tell her theres something wrong with her computer, which of course there isnt.

So again & if anybody is still with me here after reading my long blabbing, is there any way to stop her from using P2P programs or doing any other sort of mischief. Any free security/limiting programs or anything at all that might help me out? Now I would just tell her or shout at her in person but I've done this too many times already before and like most little sisters, they just dont listen to what their big brother has to say. So can anyone help please?

  hugh-265156 02:17 11 Apr 2004

uninstall any p2p or software currently on the system you dont like and then set up a limited account for you sister maybe?

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