limiting computer access?

  Little Flower 06:29 28 Feb 2011

My main pc is a desktop running XP, with 3 accounts- 1 for me, 1 for the kids & 1 for my husband. Each account is password protected, but I knew all passwords as an administrator. I pay the broadband.

My husband left me yesterday & when I went on the pc to change my password (as he knew it) and change my bank account details, I found he'd left his account logged on... & has changed his password so I can't log onto his account.

I'm not happy about this, I don't want anyone having access to the computer that I can't control & I will need to access the emails on his account as some about the home go to that rather than my personal email (it's also the email address provided with the broadband, so I pay for it).

I can easily log off his account by restarting the pc or turning it off (& will do once I've posted this).

But want to know if there is a way I can set up a password for the whole computer? I can and will ask him to change the password again and tell me it: I can't make him do that.

  octal 07:30 28 Feb 2011

You can set up a password for the whole computer in what is called the BIOS. When the computer begins it's startup (boot) process, tap the DEL, F10 or F1 key you will see this window click here then you use the arrow keys to scroll along to the Security settings. When you have set the password tap Esc you will get asked if you want to save the settings, just type Y and enter and the password will be set. Once the password is entered remember it then this password has to be entered at boot up before the computer can be used.

This password isn't infallible, it can be got around, but this means removing little jumpers on the main mother board or removing the battery, not something that is easy to do.

  Terry Brown 09:42 28 Feb 2011

A house with one computer and 3 accounts, all with seperate paswords, what happened to TRUST and talking to each other.

Their is a program called SIW.exe, which is a diagnostic program.

If you load and run, from the top line, goto Software and down to secrets, you should be able to see all passwords on the system.

I still think it would be better to talk to each other.


  Little Flower 13:25 28 Feb 2011

octal - I tried that, but my bios doesn't have a security tab... looked through all the options on it, but nothing seemed relevant.

Terry Brown - since you asked... We have 4 computers in the house - the 'main' desktop, still running on XP, 3 accounts all passworded to limit younger son's access - computer mad 7 yr old who needs someone to log him on. different accounts for different purposes, I & hubby did know all passwords...
Hubby's laptop for gaming (Vista);
My laptop bought with a uni grant, used mainly at the moment by elder son for homework (Vista);
Hubby's new desktop of doom that has been back to mesh a few times... (Windows 7)

I did ask hubby this morning if he could either tell me the password or re-set it - he agreed to do that but hasn't so far as he's gone back to his mistress... which I guess answers your trust question?

Being paranoid about downloads... is SIW.exe a safe download? Some of the search items I found for it suggested it was not a good idea to download?

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