Limiting a child's time online

  Mikeonfreeserve 22:19 01 Oct 2007

Is there any free software which I could install on my son's pc, which has wi-fi net access, to limit his time online on school nights?

Ideally, to control from the main (family) pc downstairs.

We are on Orange broadband.

  Devil Fish 22:23 01 Oct 2007

you may be able to do it through your router

my linksys allows you to input the mack address of a specific pcs network device and the input the times that machine can or can't access the net

maybe worth a look at your router manual

  SANTOS7 22:25 01 Oct 2007

Why leave it to software, why not just tell him how long he can have and how to devide his loyalties to the internet/homework/other activities.
Kids and software HMMM! first thing they are going to do is find a way to bypass it..
I think you are going to have to be firm but fair if you think your son is spending too much time on his PC....

  X™ 22:32 01 Oct 2007

Reminds me of the time my dad put some software on our PC. He was all happy and confident I couldn't go around it with a password. 4 Minutes later, I had booted into DOS, renamed the Software's root folder, and hey, my dad wasn't too happy about the software that he would of payed for.

  X™ 22:34 01 Oct 2007

Although, Net OP is good, it's not free though, schools use it, but if you disconnect the Wifi card or cable for 3 seconds and plug it back in, most "Control from other PC" software fails.

Harsh I know, but other then phisicly yanking out the cable, "whats made by man, can be bypassed my kids"

Just our generation. :P

  Ashrich 22:52 01 Oct 2007

I think Devil Fish is on the right track , depending on your wireless router you may well be able to put time constraints on his wireless card via it's MAC address , have a look in your routers set up , it should be under " schedules " or suchlike , and have a strong user name and password for access to the router otherwise it will be changed in the blink of an eye .....


  bluto1 22:59 01 Oct 2007

I agree completely with SANTOS 7. If the kid is a teenager it's going to be a matter of trust. If younger then it's the right time to start building that trust. Deliberately putting an electronic stop is going to send a dreadful message, but if there have been major problems with the child/teenager in the past, or schoolwork is suffering, then an explanatory word from Mum or Dad is going to go a fair way. I know it's difficult, and we were all kids once, but like the man said "It's because I was a kid myself etc etc..."
Best of luck

  DJ-Garry 23:07 01 Oct 2007

OOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the differing moral issues of parenting coming to light from everyone.

  Bald Eagle 07:39 02 Oct 2007

Get an electrician to reroute the feed to his bedroom? sockets via a switch in the room you spend the evening in! Hey presto, your times up, flick the switch.

Having brought up 2 youngsters myself trust doesn't come into it, they do as they are told.


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