Limited or no connectivity but excellent signal???

  ivesy 19:13 23 Jul 2007

Can anyone shed any light why the following has been happening and what I can do to put it right?

The laptop we use at home connects to the internet via the wirless router I have upstairs which is connected to the desktop PC.

The problem is the laptop loses connection at what seems random times with the message "limited or no connectivity" but when the mouse pointer is moved over the icon in the system tray it says "excellent signal strength"!

It can take a while to eventually get connected again but it is very frustrating in the meantime.

We've changed IPS's recently from Tesco to Plusnet, I have to admit even though Plusnet is excellent and I would highly recommend them we never had this problem with Tesco!

I know I had to tweak some of the settings on the router to get things working initially but if the signal strength is excellent why are we getting the loss of connectivity? The desktop PC never loses it's connection and has been fine.

Any help or advice will appreciated.

  Ashrich 20:14 23 Jul 2007

This sounds like a software thing , although you can have a strong signal it doesn't mean you are connected to it . What did you have to tweak on the router ? Have you tried updating the drivers for your wireless connection and the firmware for the router ? Try , if you aren't already , letting Windows manage your connection .


  ivesy 18:48 24 Jul 2007


Thanks for the reply. The tweak just involved changing the channel from 1 to 6!

All the drivers and firmware are uptodate. I've been told that one other possibility is the power saving options on the the laptop's wireless card but, I a can't locate them. any ideas?

  Ashrich 20:01 24 Jul 2007

Go into device manager/network adapters/then your wireless device , double click and have a look through the various tabs available , it should be under " advanced " also look at the power saving features of the PC itself under control panel/power


  Toffly 00:49 25 Jul 2007

Try changing back to channel 1 maybe?

Other than than that, when you get the limited connectivety error, do you have an IP address assigned?

To check this, go start > run, and type "cmd" (without "), a black window should pop up. Just type ipconfig and hit enter, what result do you get?

It may be possible that Windows is being funny and assigning an IP address automatically to itself because it cant find a DHCP server. If you get a address, then it's Windows, and you need a registry tweak to disable this annoying function (unless someone knows of an easier way?)

Other than that, can you provide a bit more info? Wireless router make/model and which version of windows your on?

Don't take this as a bad sign from plusnet, it's not their equipment or network that's being funny, it's something on your network for definate.

  rdave13 17:41 25 Jul 2007

Try channel 9 and click apply.

  ivesy 21:14 26 Jul 2007

Thanks everyone for the advice. I've had a look at the power options and latered that slightly and changed the channel to 9. Fingers crossed everything has been fine. Yes I agree about the ISP it's not thier fault (for once!). Thanks again

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