"limited or no connectivity"

  babcia 11:14 14 Sep 2008


I am using a wireless connection to my laptop running Windows XP. For ages I have been getting the "limited or no connectivity" message - even though the signal strength is excellent - mainly when I change User Accountsor come back after being away a long time. I am with TalkTalk and their diagnostics come into force. The one thing they keep coming up with is that some sort of network thing is configured to a static address instead of getting a new one each time. It usually sorts it out or I click on "Repair" and it seems to re-connect ok but it is becoming a real drag. I hoped that by writing to a beginners forum I may be able to understand the answer.
I had thought that there was a Windows patch? for this but am not sure which bit needs to be re-configured. I was with Namesco before and had the same thing so I don't believe that it is the ISP.
If anyone can try to help me in 'baby steps' I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance.

  ambra4 12:41 14 Sep 2008

Check that your settings is correct

click here

  babcia 15:23 14 Sep 2008

Thank you ambra4 but you really are talking to a beginner. I don't even know where to start... Sorry.

  Molly_Don 15:29 14 Sep 2008

Hey babcia

I keep getting that message, it's been happening now for about 4 weeks on / off.

Sometimes when I click repair, it works (I get connected) other times I have to reboot.

When I do this > right click on the small TV monitor in the right hand side > View available Wireless Networks, there's nothing listed ( not even my network)

  babcia 15:34 14 Sep 2008

It's great to know that I am not alone. My signal strength shows as excellent and the wireless network is available.

Perhaps someone can help both of us.......please.

  Molly_Don 15:36 14 Sep 2008

My signal strength is also at it's max, and I've had no problems with it, it's just the "Limited / No Connection" issue that's bugging me.

  ambra4 15:40 14 Sep 2008

babcia / Molly_Don

Click on the “Click Hear” link in my first posting it will take you to a thread that will tell

you in easy steps on how to check if your setting on the computer are correct

Also check this site for the correct setting fot the wireless set-up

Set up a wireless network

click here

  Molly_Don 15:55 14 Sep 2008

Thanks ambra

I'm going to print off your instructions within the other thread so I can follow them more easily.

  babcia 10:03 15 Sep 2008

Thank you ambra4. I had a sneak preview of the first 'click here' site. Is the LAN setting for a cabled broadband service or is it used for wi-fi, or both?

  ambra4 12:08 15 Sep 2008

It for both hard wire and wireless a wireless system is the same as a hard wire system without the


  babcia 12:34 15 Sep 2008

Ambra4 I have worked through the first 'click here' process. There were no changes to be made but I worked it all the way through to the end. I will wait a while to see if the problem reoccurs before I set out on the second 'click here ' procedure. Thanks for your help to date.

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