Limited or no connectivity

  SarahG 15:02 01 Oct 2007

I've moved into a shared house and everyone else can get online but me!

When I connect I get "limited or no connectivity". My computer has given me a 169….. IP address which I understand is the problem. I tried the repair button but it failed.

I logged on here and followed some advice from 'Mgmcc' to do the following:

IPCONFIG /ALL and press Enter.
IPCONFIG /RELEASE and press Enter.
IPCONFIG /RENEW and press Enter.

On the final one, I recieved the following message:

“An error occurred ……… Unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out”

Can anyone help?

  STREETWORK 20:23 01 Oct 2007

How are you trying to connect, wired or wireless? what's the operating system?

  SarahG 11:05 02 Oct 2007

Sorry it's wireless and I'm really not sure of any details beyond that. I'm on windows. I'll check tonight.

  Ashrich 17:02 02 Oct 2007

9 times out of 10 it is down to the security key being incorrectly copied across , although if you are using anything other than service pack 2 on XP it would have trouble connecting to a WPA protected network due to XP and before not supporting it ...if you are using XP there is a patch you can download to fix the situation .click here


  STREETWORK 17:55 02 Oct 2007

After following Ashrich advice...

Do the following.

1. Click Start, then Run
2. Type in services.msc
3. scroll down to Wireless Zero Configuration
4. Right click it and select 'Stop'
5. Right click it again and select 'start'
6. Right click it again and select 'restart'

Now try and connect.

Post Back...

  SarahG 10:53 03 Oct 2007

I've been advised to download the patch before but I can't - I can't get onto the internet! The security key is definately right - I just can't seem to get my computer to get an ip address that doesn't start 169...

Streetwork I'll try your advice tonight


  Ashrich 18:19 03 Oct 2007

Download it from where you are and put it on a memory stick or CD or something that will let you transport it from one PC to another , or get a friend to do it for you ( the patch that is ).If it has been suggested before that is possibly what is wrong . You're in a shared house , get one of the others to download it !!!


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