Limited or no connectivity

  AJ28 20:12 05 May 2007

So i have the BT Home Hub on broadband and for a few weeks now it has been working perfectly with a laptop using it wirelessly.
However last night the internet went off on both. After the old unplugging and plugging back in method of the router the internet did come back on the computer, however the internet no longer works on the laptop.
the laptops using a belkin network card and is picking up the signal strength and link quality both on 100% However when trying to access the internet it wont work. It says when trying to "renew ip address" there is limited or no connectivity.
Ive googled this and tried more "solutions" than you can shake a stick at to no avail.
I tried it on another laptop and similarly it finds the router signal but the internet isnt there.
Has anyone any suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:14 05 May 2007

you may need to reset the security key in the laptop

  AJ28 20:17 05 May 2007

as in just re-connecting with the wep key? or are you talking getting another one?

i do think it must be something to do with the computer and what it is doing/or not doing
the connection on the laptop says it is sending data but not recieving data?

  postie24 20:52 05 May 2007

Is the obtain an IP address automatically and DNS server boxes ticked in internet protocol properties?

  AJ28 20:53 05 May 2007


  postie24 20:59 05 May 2007

What happens when you try to repair the connection?

  kelim 20:59 05 May 2007

side issue,
wep is considered poor encryption nowadays, easily hackable by those wanting to join your network for free. wpa psk (pre shared key) is best.

my laptop did same with a usb adapter then again when replaced with a network card (both belkin). decided to go wired and have never had a problem since

  AJ28 21:01 05 May 2007

on repairing the connection it says "Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Renewing your IP address"

  postie24 21:04 05 May 2007

Try turning off the encryption in the homehubs homepage

  AJ28 21:15 05 May 2007

nope unfortunately it just cant seem to find it with encryption off

  postie24 21:21 05 May 2007

Does the homehub have a reset option like a modem/router has,small hole at back of router

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