Limited or No Connectivity.

  Edward-207256 15:02 30 Jun 2006

My laptop was running slow, so i decided to have a total reinstall of windows xp professional. I wasn't familiar with the process, so i sent it to a family friend who is a bit of an expert. A few days later the laptop returned, and all was in working order. Then, i tried to connect to my wireless network at my house. I input the WEP code after the network had been detected, and it connected, but was saying 'Limited or No Connectivity'.

I double clicked the message and a box popped up, and a button said 'Repair'. I tried to repair the connection, and it was going through the various stages, and it came to 'Renewing your I.P. address.' It struggled with this for a while, and then failed, giving the message:

Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action could not be completed: Renewing your I.P. address.
For assistance, contact the person who manages your network.

Well, i contacted my dad, and the internet was working fine on his desktop, and the internet was fine on my sister's laptop.

So, i turn to PC Advisor, as a last resort. Have any of you encountered this problem? If so, is there an easy solution? Please reply soon,

Thanks in Advance,


  ventanas 15:32 30 Jun 2006

Open the connection dialog by clicking on the icon at bottom right.

Hopefully you will get a window giving some options. I think the one you want is the advanced settings ( I did it myself last week, but without it in front of you its difficult to remember) Put a tick in the box to let Windows configure the network (at the top) and click OK. All should be well.

  Edward-207256 15:45 30 Jun 2006

When i try clicking the icon at the bottom right, it comes up with a box with two tabs, general and support. Under the general tab, it has the status: 'Limited or no connectivity', the network, the duration, speed and signal strength.

Below that is the activity picture, and further below are 3 buttons, properties, dissable and view wireless networks.

Failing to see the advanced tab, i went into properties, and searcherd for the 'let windows configure the network' but couldn't find it, any more ideas?

i am currently uploading some pictures to show the full problem.


  Edward-207256 16:01 30 Jun 2006

Here is a picture with the current problems, i think this could help.

click here

Hope it helps you help me >.<


  fitshase 16:03 30 Jun 2006


Click on "View Wireless Networks" then on the left there is an option called "Change advanced settings". Click on that then on the Wireless Networks tab at the top.

The option you need is on there.



  Edward-207256 16:07 30 Jun 2006

ty, attempting it now, will be back in a minute.


  Edward-207256 16:16 30 Jun 2006

hm, the box was already checked, and the problem persists, here is the picture i got when i followed the instructions by fitshase.

click here


  Ray5776 16:20 30 Jun 2006

Can barely read your link but IP Address does not look right. Shoud be in the range 192.168.x.x

  Edward-207256 16:22 30 Jun 2006

i don't know if this is confidential information etc etc, but will anything happen if i tell you the details of my ip address?

  Edward-207256 16:23 30 Jun 2006

Also, hold the cursor over the image, and wait for the enlarge image icon to pop up at the bottom right, click that, and the image should be viewable.

  Ray5776 16:31 30 Jun 2006

Yes can read it now, I am no expert on this but I would say that that is the wrong IP address, best to wait for advice from those more knowledgable than I.

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