Limited or No connectivity!

  Legitimate 05:39 02 May 2006

I just installed my new network card so that I can play on my game console online and allow other family members to surf the web at the same time.

I am right now getting a limited or no connectivity issue, I tryed repairing this problem but it won't get past renewing IP address.

Once when it connected, I went to finally play on my game console and it had a DNS problem.

I just really need some help!

  Legitimate 06:07 02 May 2006

Also, I do not want to share the connection, I would like to be able to bridge the connections instead, that would be really helpful.

  mgmcc 07:05 02 May 2006

You haven't said how the whole thing is set up, but if you want to have a computer and games console both online then either you use a router or you enable "Internet Connection Sharing" in the PC.

If the PC has two network adapters installed, one of which is the internet connection, "bridging" them isn't going to do any good because the ISP only allocates one IP address and the console has no way of getting its IP address. You must use "routing" and enabling ICS on the PC's internet connection makes the PC act as a basic router.

  Legitimate 21:39 02 May 2006

I've seen it done before, I just really need help getting it done, or atleast setting it up to so that it will be able for use.

  mgmcc 23:25 02 May 2006

An ICS "host" could have two network adapters bridged so that the "bridge" has the IP address and these two adapters could then provide internet access to two "client" devices, but I still don't see how a network bridge is going to do what you want.

...someone else may have an answer.

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