Limited or no Conectivity

  RobCharles1981 00:11 18 Jan 2007

This is very annoying at times, using AOL BB Silver what causes this issue???

  Taff™ 00:37 18 Jan 2007

Wireless or Ethernet cable?

If the former, check if there are other wireless networks available. If so log in to the router and move the transmission channel up (or down) two channels. Then try again.

  RobCharles1981 01:09 18 Jan 2007

Its on Ethernet Cable

  Taff™ 01:12 18 Jan 2007

Ok. Does this happen whilst you`re using the connection continuously or when you`ve left it dormant for a while?

I presume you`re using a Router (on ethernet cable as opposed to USB?) - what make & model is it?

  RobCharles1981 01:18 18 Jan 2007

It happens when I'm using it Continuously, it is working now, but sometimes I have to try and reboot it but the router is a Netgear DG834 if that helps

  pac73 02:33 18 Jan 2007

Im on Blueyonder Broadband from Telewest,and i get the same message as you.Im connected with a Modem on usb,it really does my head in.

  birdface 09:47 18 Jan 2007

Sometimes if you turn the Modem off at the switch for 10 seconds then turn it on again and leave for two minutes,It refreshes the modem and works a bit better,Or try Control panel,Network connections,Right click Local Area Connection,And click Repair,See if there is any problem with DNS Server.

  RobCharles1981 10:12 18 Jan 2007

Ile keep this in mind, but I did those buteman, I even reset the modem and repaired the lan connection it did work eventually in the end, AOL is a load of toss sometimes!!

  birdface 10:28 18 Jan 2007

I am with NTL had the same sort of problem for about 3 months,They eventually sent an engineer out,Went on to my computer for about 10 seconds,Went to the connection box on the wall of the house,Took out a filter and replaced it with a new one,And no problems since,

  Migwell 10:37 18 Jan 2007

Could not agree more about what you say about AOL
packed them in years ago and not had any problems since

  RobCharles1981 10:52 18 Jan 2007

I'm going to change my ISP when my time with AOL is up, they say they are going to give me a free upgrade to 2mb but I think they're service is rubbish especially they're support service I don't use the AOL Software no more and live help was hopeless and thyre phone support is terrible!!, around before July i'm going to start looking for a decent provider one that doesn't crash me online games!!

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