?Limit to how much memory is usable in Win98se

  Effie 21:32 07 Jan 2004

I'm running Windows 98SE and would like to know if there is limit to how much memory you can safely use with this edition of windows?

My machine which is a pentium 3,has been doing a lot of crashing of late and I'm wondering if the amount of memory I have on it (384)has anything to do with the crashes?


  Djohn 21:57 07 Jan 2004

Normally the maximum amount recommended with 98se is 512mb although this can be exceeded with memory managers.

Your 384, is this made up with 3 x 128 or 1 x 256 and 1 x 128?

If so then it may be one of the sticks of memory is faulty or not matched with the others. To test this, remove the memory leaving just one stick in the PC and run for a while. If still having problems remove this and try one of the other sticks.

If it runs fine with the one stick of memory then add the other one and see if your machine starts to crash again. This will confirm or eliminate any problems with the memory. Please give this a try and post back with the results. j

  woodchip 22:20 07 Jan 2004

512Mb but I only have 256 and it's adequate for the vast majority of uses. The befit would be felt if you was doing a lot of graphics work i.e. Video editing and photo work

  Effie 22:55 07 Jan 2004

Original memory was 128 but as I needed to use Via Voice ( voice activated software) which needed oodles of memory to work at a decent rate when doing college assignments, I had to get another stick which is as you might have guessed was a 256.
Had VV for two years with multiple crashes when using this system ( large word documents!) but got new hard drive a few months ago,no VV on it.

Unfortunately,will still need a good bit of memory as now planning to use new Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred7 for college work.
Will try your suggestions and see if they make any difference,

  woodchip 23:07 07 Jan 2004

Try running SFC and look for corrupt files, From Start\Run type SFC with your win98 disc in the comp. Cancel Setup running

  Tk_RiceZ 23:27 07 Jan 2004

i have same problem when i'm bored and go back to windows windows 98se,mines is 3.05 p4 oc to 3.3Gh, it runs slowers in 98 than xp when i have 1gb of ddr333 onboard. how about that for weird?

  woodchip 23:29 07 Jan 2004

Download Cachman and install in the Win98 instalation

  Tog 08:35 08 Jan 2004

To test your RAM download docmemory from here, it requires a free registration. click here

  Tk_RiceZ 10:40 08 Jan 2004

wat would that do woodchip?

  woodchip 19:36 08 Jan 2004

It's a memory manager, and you can use more memory in win98 than 512mb You have too much memory for windows98 to manage click here

  jim1947 19:45 08 Jan 2004

There was a school of thought that anything more than 64mb was a waste of time and money on WIN98 due to the fact that it utilizes memory from 64mb down and not from 0mb up. so anything above that was not used efficiently. Please don't bite my head off if you are experiencing improved performance with more than 64mb, as I had 512mb on my other WIN98 machine, but only because I could. I never did any performance calculations though to test the 64mb theory.

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