kerjak 12:24 04 Mar 2006


Recently downloaded some tunes from limewire. These appear in a folder in my Itunes however when I update Ipod these tunes do not go across it. Anybody got any ideas? Only reason I downloaded limewire was to put tunes on ipod.



  007al 13:59 04 Mar 2006

You wont get any help with this,as its illegal to download music without paying for it.

  Wuggy 20:31 04 Mar 2006

Don't know much about iPods (or Limewire for that matter) but I would think that if you transferred any mp3 files you downloaded via Limewire to a folder on your desktop and then set your iPod to transfer from that folder, hopefully it will transfer across.
Unfortunately there are a few 'bleeding hearts' on any forum who have to jump right in and denigrate anyone using any P2P software. If you want to take the risk then 'Best of Luck' say I.

  heavymetalkid 21:07 04 Mar 2006

Yeah, loosen up and don't be so po-faced 007al. Do you expect us to believe, if there was a choice between you paying £17.00 for a CD or getting it for free, you'd shell out....move in to the real world pal. It's hardly the crime of the century....devote your life to challenging real criminals , perhaps you could begin with Gary Glitter!

  stalion 21:20 04 Mar 2006

I suggest you read the terms and conditions at tha bottom of this page. 007al is correct regarding copyright and the forum rules prohibit assisting the downloading of such material.

  gudgulf 21:42 04 Mar 2006

What version of Limewire are you using?

click here

Mentions Ipod integration in this release.

  Wuggy 22:00 04 Mar 2006

. 007al is correct regarding copyright and the forum rules prohibit assisting the downloading of such material.
I have to point out that nobody is assisting in downloading any material. It would appear to be already downloaded and we are merely assisting in aiding it's transfer to another medium. For God's sake don't be so sanctimonious. Get a life!

  stalion 22:02 04 Mar 2006

I will leave any further comments to the powers that be

  L85A1_marksman 22:11 04 Mar 2006

what you have to do is while in itunes goto impoert file and browse into the itunes music and add them to library then it should work

  kerjak 02:54 05 Mar 2006

Managed to figure it out guys. Thanks for replies.

  007al 17:44 05 Mar 2006

bleeding heart,po faced and move into the real world pal...couldnt be further from the truth!
These are not words usualy directed at me...not in person anyway.If someone convicted of the same crimes as the person you mentioned lived nearby to me..then it wouldnt be for long!
Its all too easy to misjudge someone in a forum rather than in person.Its also easy to type words that wouldnt be said if you were face to face.
I use P2P software myself,as its easier to turn on and off the download when you dont want it taking up bandwidth.I can download a large file,such as a Linux distribution,in parts rather than slowing my internet connection for an hour or so.
In future,if you have a problem with something i say,click the envelope next to my name rather than embarssing yourself on the forum!

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