Limewire firewall?

  dartanian33 20:48 12 Mar 2007

Been running Limewire for about 6months no probs. Now unable to connect, as i can see an icon telling me that i am behind a firewall. Im running windows 98, so no firewall installed, also AVG 7.5. Any ideas?

  skidzy 20:52 12 Mar 2007

Do you use a router ? This may be firewalled if using the router.

  dartanian33 18:30 13 Mar 2007

Yes i do use a router.How do i cure this???

  skidzy 18:54 13 Mar 2007

Open the routers configuration page and look for the Firewall settings (if it has a hardware firewall)

  dartanian33 19:00 13 Mar 2007

Its a belkin 54g, and i can't see anything that sounds like that

  skidzy 19:03 13 Mar 2007

What model Belkin ?

  ICF 19:04 13 Mar 2007

You need to open a port.

  skidzy 19:06 13 Mar 2007

Dont know about Belkins if they are firewalled,but here is something to look at click here

  dartanian33 19:07 13 Mar 2007

its model F5D7632-4. Forgive my ignorance,but open a port? im a vodka man myself !!! :)

  skidzy 19:12 13 Mar 2007

Maybe click here

  tullie 19:19 13 Mar 2007

No firewall!!You jest?

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