lazanda 16:41 01 Aug 2006

Hi all, has anyone ever used this programme before to download music? just want to get a bit of advice before letting it on my machine.



  De Marcus™ 16:52 01 Aug 2006
  skidzy 16:58 01 Aug 2006

lazanda..I dont think you will get much help with this question.

As far as im aware Limewire is used for Peer2Peer file sharing,Which i may add is illegal.I may be corrected on this,but im pretty sure this is correct.

Limeware software is not illegal,but becomes illegal when used to share files when no copyright royalities are being paid !

If you decide to use this,and use the p2p file may be inviting various viruses and malware etc.

This link explains everything pretty well if you are unsure.
click here

  lazanda 17:03 01 Aug 2006


  lazanda 17:04 01 Aug 2006


  henryclean 21:33 24 Sep 2006

well, it depends. i don't think virus can come on to ur system as lond as limewire has a filter.

  skidzy 21:49 24 Sep 2006

"i don't think virus can come on to ur system as lond as limewire has a filter"

Over the weekend Henry i cleaned a system riddled with over 300 viruses,though i cannot say they are related all to Limewire,my guess is they are.

No matter what protection any system has,if you allow and give permission for an infected file to be transferred to your system and the so called Limewire filter does not pick it up........your infected !

These p2p file sharing programs are reknown for Viruses and i seem to be the first port of call near me to clean these pc's that have Limewire....i think that says it all.

Dont get me wrong,i know the viruses may have come from other sources too.

I have recently cleaned the same pc twice,as the daughters of the household had downloaded Limewire again and followed suit by downloading music that i believe infected the pc.

  rsinbad 21:56 24 Sep 2006

limewire is not illegal downloading copywrit material is see pca downloads click here

  skidzy 22:06 24 Sep 2006

i understand that rsinbad,i was merely trying to point out if used for transferring copyrighted music/video's etc,as my above link points out.

  rsinbad 22:35 24 Sep 2006

i understand where your coming from and agree seems there is a download section offering all those 'potential' illegal downloads in the forum?

  ArrGee 01:29 26 Sep 2006

Limewire = A great source of viruses/spyware.

It may be a better idea to tell the forum what you are looking to download, and (perhaps) a better alternative can be provided.

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