LILO and Mandrake Linux 9

  User-7BF0BA46-9383-43F9-A74EB865DFA586D5 08:09 21 Mar 2003

Have recently installed ML9 on my 2nd HD. The installation process installed LILO to the boot partition of my HD, previously option was given to install to bootable floppy, but not this time.

I need to remove LILO from the HD boot process but can not find any help for doing this. The mini how to is not too helpful,I need plain english step by step guide.

Any help greatly appreciated

many thanks


  zanwalk 08:51 21 Mar 2003

Why do you need to remove LILO from your HD? Have you got Windows on there as well and not able to boot into it? More information please.


yes have win98 on main HD, Linux installed on 2nd drive.

Reason for 2 OS's is the rest of my family cannot get to to grips with Linux yet and also Programs I use are not available in Linux yet (Autocad 2002, Turbocad and some Engineering programmes. So need avaialability of both. Still trying to learn Linux myself.


  zanwalk 09:07 21 Mar 2003

Start up the PC with W98 start up floppy, when you get to the command prompt type: FDISK /MBR

This should restore your MBR to start up windows automatically.

You will probably have to reinstall Mandrake unless you have a Mandrake floppy. Just be careful where you install LILO to next time!

  powerless 09:51 21 Mar 2003

Windows XP on Disc 1

Mandrake on Disc 2

What i did was to remove the IDE cable of Disc 1 and leave disc 2 connected.

Then i installed linux onto drive 2.

When i connected disc 1 back up. I changed the boot device and i can boot into either WinXP or linux.

You could do the same.

Many thanks

  zanwalk 13:02 21 Mar 2003

Windows 98 des not have a built in bootloader like XP, therefore if you wish to dual boot 98/Linux you will either have to configure LILO to recognise Windows or use a third party bootloader such as Bootmagic (which is what I use). If you would like a copy of PM5 which contains Bootmagic, I will be happy to send you one - it was a free issue on a magazine cover disk.

  powerless 13:12 21 Mar 2003

I do not use a boot loader.


many thanks for the offer, will let you know.

Also, many thanks for the DOS command to fix my problem


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