Lights no right on Linksys router

  Melrosey 11:29 18 Nov 2006

I have purchased a Linksys wrt54g wireless router and can not get the lights require for internet connection to remain stable. I can connect to the internet but then get disconnected when the lights start flashing, they flash even when the pc is not on so I am asuming it is nothing to do with the pc. I am using NTL broadband cable modem, when I connect directly through that the connection remains constant. I have tried the reset button several times and disconnecting all the wire but all to no avail

  mgmcc 12:31 18 Nov 2006

The "Internet" light flashes whenever there is any activity, which will probably be most of the time. It will also continue to do this even if none of the computers connected to it are running, so this is not in itself the cause of your problem.

<<< I can connect to the internet but then get disconnected when the lights start flashing >>>

In what way are you "connecting" and getting "disconnected"? The router's WAN port should be connected to the Cable Modem and your computer's network adapter connected to one of the router's LAN ports (or "wirelessly"). There should be no additional connection (such as USB) between the PC and the Cable Modem and, if you have any software installed relating to a USB connection, this may have to be uninstalled to avoid a conflict.

  Melrosey 10:19 19 Nov 2006

I have got all the cables connected to the right places and there is no usb connection. The problem occurs when the wan and port 1 lights start flashing I get momentairily disconnected, then it reconnects this gets very frustrating when your in the middle of something, though it usually is fast enough to reconnect to the site I was using. It happened when I was typing this reply!

  mgmcc 22:53 19 Nov 2006

You shouldn't be getting brief disconnections like that, particularly with a "wired" connection. You should consider having the router checked out and possibly replaced. I use a Linksys WRT54GS with Telewest.

  Melrosey 21:14 24 Nov 2006

Thank you for suggesting that there may actually be something wrong with the router, I have returned it to the shop and they have exchanged it for one that works perfectly!

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