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  Craig Nichols 13:52 02 Jun 2004

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help.

I have a self-built PC, which after two faultless years has now gone Kaputt. Basically, I turn on the PC, the fans blow, the LEDs light up and the hard drive kicks in. All is good.

Furthermore, the motherboard beeps are ok too. It states there has been a perfect boot.

However, nothing appears on the screen!

First thought was that my screen is broke, or the connector. However, I have tested with another working screen (and connector) and I get the same problem.

This is where I am stumped. My thoughts now are that the graphics card is not working....but I would expect the 'beeps' to tell me this at the start. Likewise, if any component had failed I would expect the tell-tale beeps.

Any ideas? Any advise on this would be grand

  hugh-265156 14:02 02 Jun 2004

try reseating the graphics card and cables or if you can borrow a friends to try maybe.

  Rogerfredo 14:05 02 Jun 2004

Sounds like the graphics card to me.
If the connection to the monitor is dodgy, this may not be indicated by beeps.

  keith-236785 14:16 02 Jun 2004

the beeps would tell you if no graphic card was installed, but not if the card has simply died.

if huggyg71's suggestion of reseating doesn't work, beg, borrow or buy a different graphic card and try that.

a simple 1meg pci graphic card would be enough to test your system.

  Fruit Bat 15:09 02 Jun 2004

Are you using onboard graphics or a seperate graphis card?

If seperate card, remove card, switch jumpers to use onboard graphics and retry.

If onboard check jumpers on Mobo haven't blown off / try seperate card.

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