Lightning struck the phone line!

  ivesy 18:39 06 Jul 2009

And blew the ethernet card in my parents PC.

When I opened up the case the card appears to integrated into the motherboard.

I was expecting to see a PCI card that I would unplug and replace with another one.

The PC is a P4 2.8mhz Fujitsu Scaleo.

My question is will it just be a matter of buying a PCI modem card and place it in a free PCI slot and plug the ethernet cable into that or is there more to it?

My other option is to use a USB wireless adaptor. I actually have a D-Link DWL-G122. Could I use that? If so how does that work on a desktop PC running Windows XP?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also my parents are with O2 and when I rang O2 they were excellent. I'm currently with Sky aand would definately consider going to O2 for the support alone!

  ivesy 18:41 06 Jul 2009

I forgot to add, the phone line is fine and it's just the ethernet light that doesn't appear on the router. The PC actually says in device manager that the PCI modem is not working.

  gazzaho 20:03 06 Jul 2009

I'm no expert but with trouble shooting all you can do is rule out one thing at a time, start with the simplest first and work your way through.

How do you know it's the ethernet card that's damaged? Is device manager showing any icons beside the network cards name? If not the network card may be fine.

You say the light on the router is out, have you tried restarting the router? Perhaps that's what the lightning strike blew, if the router doesn't reset and light up then bypass it completely, if the computer connects then you need a new router.

If the device manager reports a problem with the network card and the router seems fine then buying and installing a PCI network card may be all that's needed, but in all honesty you never know what damage a lightning strike can do. The damage may be limited to one thing or other parts of the system may be damaged, hopefully the damage is limited in your case.

The D-Link DWL-G122 appears to allow a wireless connection for a computer, which I presume would connect to a wireless router, If the router's damaged I can't see that working. Again there's a possibility of using a USB cable to connect to the modem directly instead of using an ethernet connection, this however is dependant on the modem connections allowing it. To be honest connecting by USB cable should only be used as a stop gap as a USB connection uses CPU resources to connect to the Internet and may affect performance on the machine.

  DieSse 22:32 06 Jul 2009

If the 'phone line was struck, it's more than likely the router that's blown - the router may have actually protected the LAN card - but maybe not.

The PCI modem is not part of the broadband setup - so even if it's blown it's not necessarily a problem.

If that's all that's happened, you're very lucky. I've seen piles of twisted burned parts, including actual telephones, from suck strikes.

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