Lightning Strike

  BigB32 17:59 13 Sep 2007

Hi all I will be picking up a mate,s pc which was on and running when his house suffered a lightning strike ,basically it fried the power supply so I ordered him a new one which he tells me is also dead when he turns it on nothing no fan running or any sign of life. Surely the fan should run if nothing else ,can this strike have damaged his motherboard as well any tips/suggestions on what to look for when I get my hands on the pc would be much appreciated
Cheers for now


  techie4me 18:11 13 Sep 2007

Could be a faulty PSU?
But if the house had a direct strike it could have taken out the wall power socket as well?
The chance of the Motherboard etc being OK is slim.

Suggest to your friend they buy a surge protector plug & turn off & unplug equipment in future when their is a chance of lightning!

  skidzy 18:17 13 Sep 2007

This has happened to me about a year ago now.

Actually it was a power surge due to a storm and blew the psu and mobo.

If your worried you may have a dud psu,i would recommend a psu tester from Maplins,excellent bit of kit and i would not be without it,though i do tinker with a few boards here
can be found cheaper on the net.

Sound advice from techie4me

  thms 18:19 13 Sep 2007

I agree with techie4me. Chances are the motherboard and probably all components fried.

Check wall socket if ok see if the psu is working by checking if the fan is running.

Worth checking his household insurance to see if he can make a claim.

  mike1967 18:19 13 Sep 2007

If you have the surge protection there is no need to switch off as it will provide the neccesary protection. Also most provide insurance if the worse does happen

  BigB32 19:38 13 Sep 2007

Hi all have picked up pc and indeed it semms dead nothing happens at all so tried a spare power supply I know to have worked ok, still no joy why does even the fan not run on the power supply when turned on , no obvious signs inside the pc of fried components etc I expected to open up the case and see blackend remains of a pc this one looks perfect not a mark anywhere as I can see .
Still if it wont turn on then it must be dead eh



  skidzy 19:55 13 Sep 2007

" why does even the fan not run on the power supply when turned on "

Because the fan connects to the mobo / the psu sends a small charge to the mobo / that inturn fires up the mobo and the fan.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:56 13 Sep 2007

I would start to call the insurance company.


  BigB32 20:22 13 Sep 2007

It,s all a little clearer now thanks for all replies , all comments will be passed on
I will mark as resolved

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