Lightning Protection

  acfc 17:15 25 Jan 2003

I have Broadband and use a PCI ADSL modem. Does anyone know how I protect my modem against damage from lightning? Do the normal protection devices work on a Broadband connection?

  Djohn 17:21 25 Jan 2003

I would think so, as long as your phone line is taken through a surge protector.

  obbit 18:35 25 Jan 2003

Hi acfc.......there are products on the market. i usually have a word with the local pc shop. i've been searching the net and found sites offering products. it's open to choice which 1 u buy.

hope this helps


  BRYNIT 20:22 25 Jan 2003

All surge protector sockets with tel in and out will protect against a sudden surge from the electrics or from telephone lines.

  acfc 07:36 26 Jan 2003

Thanks guys

I was just concerned that adding the surge protection would interfere with BB as it took a lot of effort (and filter changes) to get it working in the first place.

  wetterfugal 12:02 26 Jan 2003

Sorry to upset you guys after you have convinced acf to resolve the post but surge protectors will not protect against a lightning strike in the vicinity. A strike, say on an electricity transformer directly supplying your home would blow the surge limiters in your protection device. Your modem would be the least of your worries; your computer would be high on the priority list.

They are really only for mains spikes which admittedly are the predominant cause of electronic failure.

However it is the best you can do for under £20. You should also have your equipment earthed separately via an earthling rod and not rely on the mains earth.

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