akzah 09:39 14 Aug 2006

Hi Guys!

If you live in London and areas around you would have noticed the thunderstorm yesterday evening. Well my computer and router go hit.

Let me explain:

Lightning hit the phone lines close by and the surge took out my router and the remaining electricity went through the Ethernet cable to my pc and damaged that. At the time I was holding a USB key about 5 cm from the USB connector on the pc and a spark jumped across, making me jump and hit my head on the desk!


Router - powers on by weird lights showing and does not do anything after reset. So I assume its dead and ordered a new one.

Computer- Turns on but the asus mobo women says "CPU Fail"

Anything I can salvage?

  Gongoozler 09:57 14 Aug 2006

"Anything I can salvage?". It's impossible to say with any certainty, but the power surge would appear to have hit the computer via the USB connectors. If there is no sign of burning in the computer, then the amount of energy involved probably wasn't very high - although your head is possibly telling you otherwise. I would guess that the damage might only be to the motherboard. You haven't told us much about your computer, but a suitable motherboard might be available for about £40, and so would be a lot cheaper than a new computer and could be worth trying before condemning it to the skip.

  johndrew 10:03 14 Aug 2006

You should always take note of what a woman says!!!

Seriously, if the power was high enough to jump the gap between your PC and the USB key you were holding there is every chance that many components have been damaged. Some may have been `degraded` (life reduced) and may fail later.

You could get all items tested by a properly qualified and equipped engineer but this may prove to be less than cost effective.

If it was my PC I`d expect the worst and attempt a salvage job on PSU, HDDs, optical drives and FDD (if fitted). Even some of these could have suffered.

  akzah 10:05 14 Aug 2006

the mobo is a A7V333. Its a old machine however the important data is on the hard drive.

The mobo light does turn on as well so it can't have been hit too badly.

  Gongoozler 12:11 14 Aug 2006

There are very few socket A motherboards available these days, but this one from Novatech may well suit your needs, and at the price I would give it a try click here

  akzah 13:58 14 Aug 2006

thank you, though I think this is calling from above that a new computer is needed.

  xania 14:05 14 Aug 2006

Also invest in surge protection. Doesn't cost a lot but can save a lot of grief.

  ade.h 14:54 14 Aug 2006

Quite right; get surge protection (or preferably a UPS that includes it) but make sure that the product is guaranteed lightning-proof (preferably with monetary backing).

Frankly though, it never ceases to amaze me that people can spend substantial amounts of money on sensitive PCs and peripherals but not bother with surge protection.

  akzah 14:59 14 Aug 2006

yeh lucky this pc is 4 years old and had backed up most of the important data.

Lesson learnt the fried way tho!

  Gongoozler 16:58 14 Aug 2006

If you get a new computer, it's quite possible that you can connect your old hard drive as slave and recover any data.

  Quiller. 17:13 14 Aug 2006

The only way to find out is to strip it down to the basics and see if it boots. Take all PCI cards out, disconnect floppydrive, any cdrom drives and hard drives. Any usb or network connections also disconnect and just leave one stick of ram in. So you would just have one stick of ram, the graphics card ( or on board graphics chip ), the cpu with heatsink and fan.

If it boots, add one thing at a time, start ith a hard drive.

If the machine doesn't boot, you will have to substitute one thing at a time. PSU, cpu, motherboard, ram, graphics.

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