light on keyboard but power button inoperative?

  second best 15:37 22 Feb 2004

hello, i justgave my old system to my dad. he installed a flight sim on it and was having a go. screen went white, so he restartedor shut down. no th epower button doesnt seem to work. the lighs are on on the keyboard but it just doesnt power up. the temp was running a little high when he left, around 50. is it possible that the temp has rose so high that it has blown th echip, thus preventing it from powering up?

  Diemmess 17:13 22 Feb 2004

Things like "screen went white" and "keyboard light on but doesn't seem to power up."

It will help if you can describle what happens when switching on from "cold".... any sounds of fans or disks, any lights come on at all except the keyboard's "power" light?

Do you hear any beeps?

Does the monitor stay black or show any messages at all?

A long shot, but worth doing if you are happy to look inside the box, is to make absolutely sure the video card is properly pushed home and the data cable at the back of the computer is well connected.

  second best 12:01 23 Feb 2004

thanks diemess, but my dad is in liverpool now and im in newcsatle. he knows enough to get him into trouble :). he has taken it to the shop close to him for them to check it out, so im just waitng to see what they say. but it think they;ll try and get him to buy a new system. i've had it for nearly 3 yrs,. would be a terrible stroke of luck for it to go down now, 1 day after i give it to him, so im hoping it's just a loose wire or something. anyway, i'll wait and see, nothing much i can do over the phone except ask for more advice in here. thanks.

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