Light Frame -Thats New - How did I get that?

  jack 10:31 07 Jul 2008

On close down last night- The screens did its disassembling thing - the Blue MS screen came up with the usual 'Windows saving your settings' etc., and then a series of floating red frames with a lighter blue interior came up with the legend
'Light Frame Demo'
A Google revealed nothing appropriate to it.
What is it and do I need it?

  croto 15:13 08 Jul 2009

Please help me remove these boxes.

  birdface 16:03 08 Jul 2009

Maybe look in add remove for it and remove it or do the same on msconfig.
or maybe e-mail them and ask how to remove it.
click here

  jack 16:38 08 Jul 2009

I posted this 7/7/ 08

How come it took so long?

  birdface 17:59 08 Jul 2009

I never noticed the date,But obviously you never closed the thread and croto has the same problem.As the thread is still open maybe you can tell him how you got rid of it.
I had my glasses on so can't make that as an excuse.

  Technotiger 18:03 08 Jul 2009

I guess the reason it took so long :-) was that croto was simply looking for a solution, to what to him/her, was a 'new' problem, probably by Searching the Forum and hence finding this old, but still open, thread!

  Forum Editor 18:21 08 Jul 2009

Well for one thing, you didn't tick your thread as resolved.

  jack 20:00 08 Jul 2009

Because it never was---Simplze
I guess a year ago I was still hoping for a response some time later, then time and world events took over.
Interesting point that- when does one consider they are not going to get any joy and close off the query?
How many do?

  delman 08:38 23 Sep 2009

Hi Jack.

I have this anoying thing on my computer as wel.
I don't know how it entered my system, but it seems to have found a residence in the BIOS system. The frames pop up even before any disk activity is encounterd and I'm affraid you need to reflash your bios rom.
I planned to have some tests as possibly the videocard has been infected.
I would like to know how to prevent this, as my anti virus software didn't warn me at all.
Also the anti spy and mallware kept utter silence. Regards rob

  delman 08:40 23 Sep 2009

So you resolved this problem ?

best regards


  jack 10:39 23 Sep 2009

to be a utility that comes with Phillips Monitors
-like wot I got-
Not a virus as suggested- or anything else - the facility is a device amend the screen characteristics to cater for Photo.Internet Video or TV.
It is controlled by a touch pad on the screen bezel- that I know about that - but why the 'demo' started at close down was the puzzle

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