Lidl Typhoon Stuff

  Flabbyfran 23:41 06 May 2003

I went to Lidl at the weekend and purchased a Typhoon 5 button cordless optical mouse , happy days no probs. I also purchased a typhoon USB 4 port hub 2.0,but my computer does not recognise it and has no drivers fo it . I am running windows xp home edition pentium 4 2.8gh Medion. I did go to the typhoon site but they dont have a driver download , i emailed them but no reply yet. Any thoughts ?

  sunnysingh 23:52 06 May 2003

plug device directly into usb on back of pc - instead thru the hub - c if it works - or recognises it?

Look at XP event log to c any usb related messages in event viwer

chk device manager and c that all usb devices on the tree (usb tree) are operating.

maybe usb cables are defective?

xp does not like more than 5 hubs connected in a row?

chk of usb device is drawing more than 500 miliamps more than bus can provide - use a sep power supply (self poweed) if it needs more power.

  Flabbyfran 00:06 07 May 2003

I unpluged my sidewinder joypad from the rear port where it was recognised and plug in the hub and plug the joypad into it and it is nolonger recognised remove the hub and replug in the joypad and it is recognised.

XP log event I have no idea what or where that is ? Sorry I'm an amatuer bungler.

My device manager reported a hub device not working (big ? mark over it ) properties state no drivers for this device.

cable is the same as my digital camer an works fine with it.

The Hub Has it's own power supply?

  monkeyshine 00:18 07 May 2003

Try here, click here

Click on Drivers, but you will need the Product number - it tells you where to find it.

  Flabbyfran 00:24 07 May 2003

Been there no joy so I emailed them but no reply yet.
thank you for your help going to bed now will log in again to morrow
thanks again.

  BarryKeith 00:46 07 May 2003

I have had the Typhoon USB four port hub for over a year now and have had no problems at all. It just plugs in to the USB connector on your computer and requires no drivers. It may be that the one you have is a faulty unit, it happens occasionally. If your devices work OK when plugged into the computer but not when plugged into the hub, it seems pretty certain that there is a fault in the hub or it's connecting lead. You could check the lead by connecting another device to it and see if it still works OK.
PS. I also have the Typhoon internet keyboard and cordless mouse and have had no problems with them either.

  Flabbyfran 18:52 13 May 2003

I recieved a reply to my Email to Typhoon but it all sounds a bit drastic what do you think?
Dear Sir or Madam,

1. This will means that you had install the Windows XP without updating the motherboard BIOS first.

2. Please update the motherboard BIOS and run the motherboard CD to update to the latest INF.

3. Then reinstall Windows XP on top of the current.

4. Then install the Typhoon.

5. Reason is that Windows XP had installed according to the older BIOS in your PC.

Thank you very much. If you have any questions, please email to me.

Sincerely Yours,

Kenneth Low

Product Marketing Manager


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