Licences in XP??

  Dirk Diggler 23:14 22 Apr 2005

Okay someone here has the chance to save my sanity !!

I have an MP3 player (unbranded from Ebay) that will not install properly in winXP - ie, plug ing - says found hardware "USB2.0 Flash Drive" but cannot find drivers

Yet, on another frinds PC it finds itself fine as a drive with removable storage and I can drag and drop files no problem

Both PCs are WinXP with SP2

I have heard that there is an issue with the "licenses" ?? to do with winXP?

Any ideas / suggestions / info greatfully received

  Giggle n' Bits 23:20 22 Apr 2005

does your pc have USB 2.0 ? there are occassions when a machine will not accept gadgets like this if you do not have usb 2.0.

The hardware list in My Computer, properties under USB may point you to this and show as a usb 2.0 port or controller.

  Pooke100 23:23 22 Apr 2005

did you not get a driver cd with it? (obvious question I know)

I'm completely guessing here but rather than liscenses would it be the different times of releases of XP??

Like now all XP disks come with SP2 on it, they didn't before, could driver support have changed within XP in the time from you got your copy til when your friend got theirs?

  Pooke100 23:25 22 Apr 2005

Chip Bitt you make more sense than I do, I'm a bit imaginative at times to say the least.

  Dirk Diggler 23:27 22 Apr 2005

1) My PC does not have USB2 (my first thought as to what it might be) but my friends dosent either...

2) My friends IS a more recent PC (by about 18 months) but surely having all windows updates would solve that??

3) Both have SP2 installed

  Pooke100 23:31 22 Apr 2005

Maybe not driver support? Again a guess, is there no manufacturer listed on the device at all and no cd etc came with it?

  lotvic 23:43 22 Apr 2005

maybe you could put it back on your friends pc and have a look at the 'driver details' that it uses on his, then on yours somehow (someone will give details) update(?)install driver from your XP cd

just a suggestion that someone could maybe take up as I am only guessing.

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