Licence reqts for sell PC to another company

  djo 13:17 29 Oct 2008

The company I work for makes equipment that is driven by PC. The PC has microscoft excel installed as this is required to analyse the results the equipment generates. When excel is installed by us we have a multivolume licence for excel. If we sell the equipment + PC to another company, what are the licence requirements? Should a specfic licence be purchased to cover the customer use of this software when it has been sold to another company?

  crosstrainer 13:29 29 Oct 2008

Yes, you should remove all software that is licensed to your company prior to selling / passing on any equipment. This includes Windows if you have volume licence arrangements for the OS as well.

Best advice? Flatten it (format all hdd's and sell the machines "As is"

The buyer will have to make their own software arrangements.

  DieSse 16:51 29 Oct 2008

"Should a specific licence be purchased to cover the customer use of this software when it has been sold to another company?"

Essentially - yes.

If you sell more than a few of these, you should talk with an MS rep about purchasing special licence deals when you are selling the equipment on. You should be able to buy volume licence OEM deals of some type for what you are doing, at advantageous prices.

If you just sell a few, then you can buy OEM copies of any software you need to install, from any OEM software dealer. Presumably you are already doing something similar with the Operating System?

As an alternative, you could use instead of excel, free OpenOffice software, which is MSoffice compatible, including the spreadsheet.

In fact you could even, for the use you are putting the PC to, install all open source software, such as Linux or BSD, etc.

Of course you can't wipe the systems, as you are selling a fully integrated system to your users.

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