Licence Problem

  sneakerman 00:52 13 Jul 2004

This is an honest problem. A friend had a problem with his PC, I thought best rebuild it. I ran Aida32 and got the report of what the PC was made up of and downloaded all the necessary drivers. It was sold without a windows disk (Win98 SE) but I have it and the report gave me his licence key.
It didn't work! The Aida report tells me that it is Win98SE and lists the licence key but they are incompatible, how can this be?

  TomJerry 00:53 13 Jul 2004

Different version got different licence key. What is wrong with this?

  sneakerman 01:01 13 Jul 2004

If the report said it was Win98SE and the license key was 12345, when you rebuilt it with Win98SE and entered 12345 would you not expect it to accept that.

  sneakerman 01:04 13 Jul 2004

Just figured out what you are saying
Win98SE version 1 and Win98SE version 2 and they are not compatible

Is that right

  Migwell 01:05 13 Jul 2004

Yes I would expect it to be the same as before.

When you bought 95SE there was a key number with it and was the number that always made it work.

  TomJerry 01:09 13 Jul 2004

I thought you mixed up 98 with 98SE.

You need CD Key, not License Key. Something like XHTP etc etc.

  ventanas 08:24 13 Jul 2004

The CD Key for Win98 can be found in the registry. I can't remember where though. I have only one 98 machine left now, and its in bits. If I have time I will put back together and find where the key is later today. Unless someone posts the answer first.

  €dstowe 08:41 13 Jul 2004

This may be no help to you at all but, it is a condition of selling/using Windows operating systems that a sticker stating the CD Key or Product Key is firmly attached to the computer case. This sticker is supplied by MS with all copies of their Windows systems.

Note that this key is NOT the same as the licence key which, it seems, you are trying to use.

Have you had a look all around the case (including inside?)

  sneakerman 10:56 13 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses
It is I believe called Product Key and is clearly identified in the Aida32 report - it is a series of 25 alphanumeric characters in 5 groups of 5. I know that a product key for Win98 will not work with Win98SE and vice versa, the point I am making here is that I was amazed and confused that a Win98SE product key doesn't work on a different Win98SE CD.

  €dstowe 11:02 13 Jul 2004

Have you looked on/in the case?

  Djohn 11:02 13 Jul 2004

I think it will if of the same type. IE: Retail or OEM. This may be the difference that is causing your problem. OEM CD will not recognise a retail key and also the other way round.

With XP it is called the product key but I think with 98SE it's "Serial number".

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